Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A short personal history

I was born in March of 1972 in the old Logan, Utah LDS hospital to a terrific set of parents. One of the nurses at the hospital said that I always looked like I wanted to ask a question. That sounds about right. I continue to be insatiably curious about the people and places around me.

Five short months before they brought me home to their little one-bedroom home on Center Street in Smithfield, my parents brought home another newborn baby girl, a baby they’d adopted from California. While we were babies my mom had her hands full! I imagine it was a lot like having twins, only we didn’t go through developmental stages at the same time. I was always a few steps behind my sister, trying hard to keep up. My brothers were born in 1975 and 1978 while we were living in Hyrum, Utah.

My dad taught me to love dogs and horses and the great outdoors. Dad wanted his girls to be tough. We have a photo of Sherri and me at age two, each holding a fish and bawling. Eventually we learned not to cry when he dropped something new into our outstretched hands. I consider my dad to be my first biology and science teacher. He took me for horse rides in the mountains and taught me the names of the all the birds, flowers, animals and trees.

I have always loved school. My academic career began at Lincoln Elementary in Hyrum, Utah and ended in May of 1994 when I received my bachelor degree in English from Utah State University. Somewhat naively, I thought that girls naturally became like their mothers, and so I patterned my life after my mom’s. She loves reading and writing. So do I. She enjoys talking with people and getting to know them. So do I. She was an exchange student when she was sixteen. So was I. (I went to Tokyo, Japan.) She graduated valedictorian from high school. So did I. I’m grateful that she set a great example for me and gave me a lot to achieve and accomplish.

I met my husband while attending the USU 14th ward. I’ve always kept a journal and had written a couple entries listing the criteria I’d like to have in a future husband. Once I found myself falling for Hubby, I looked back on those entries and discovered that he was a perfect fit. He has a strong testimony of Jesus Christ, knows where he’s going in life, is a hard worker and shares similar interests with me. But it was the heart-felt notes he’d leave in my racquetball bag or on the windshield of my car that made it easy to say yes when he proposed. That one decision has been the biggest blessing in my life!


Science Teacher Mommy said...

How sweet! When are we playing racquetball?

Suko said...

Christie, this is a good start to your autobiography. The photos are terrific!

Cox Clan said...

I love it. Thanks for sharing a bit of yourself with all of us. Congrats on the new article. I can't wait to read it.

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Flashlight Girl said...

Great! I started a personal history about 4 years ago, but didn't get very far. I like your in-a-nutshell approach. Just might copy you. :)