Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Built in Accountability . . .

Today's Herald Journal, my local newspaper, contains my first Hiking to Health article. (Sorry, it's not on-line.) I'm pleased with how they laid it out and their photo choices. It's nice. And binding.

There in black and white is my committment to take two snowshoe/hiking outings each month and write a monthly report of my progress. No wimping out now. I'm committed. Which was part of my plan all along.

Why is it that a promise to oneself is easy to break? But a promise made to others is more likely to be kept? I disappoint myself all the time by not doing what I know is best for myself. (As in yesterday's bowl of ice cream.) But I'll go to great lengths not to let someone else down.

Clearly on my path to better health I need to learn how to make and keep committments to myself. Anyone have experience learning how to do this? Any handy tips?


Tayler said...

LOVED the article Christie! How fun to open the paper and see you there! I would call to congratulate you... but lucky me has strep throat - and my throat kills when I talk... unfortunately Saige and Kenna both have it too... so I am off to get yet another prescription. Hope it stops there! Won't Shane be excited that he is coming home tonight... to that!!

Angie said...

Once again... the above comment was from me... not my daughter. I have got to learn to check that BEFORE I post! :)

Suko said...

Congrats on your article--how exciting!

DeeAnn said...

What a fun surprise to see the paper today! Congratulations on your monthly article! I’m looking forward to each article and hearing about your Wellsville Peak hike. After you’ve reached your hiking goal do you want to start on a plan to swim across Bear Lake when we turn 40??

Your awesome! Keep up inspiring so many of us house wives!


Flashlight Girl said...

Congratulations! The HJ is so much cooler now! Ask them to post it online next time so I can read it too.

I'm having an ultrasound of my thyroid on Thursday. Not super excited about this development. See what happens when you go to the doctor? Sometimes ignorance truly is bliss.

Christie said...

Oh DeeAnn, I'm afraid I'm not a swimmer. A floater, yes. But not the sort to survive a swim across Bear Lake. (Haven't you already done it once?)

And Flashlight Girl, I read your comment and immediately tried to call you. I hope you're doing okay. I'm quite fed up with my thyroid lately and want to know if a thyroid ultrasound might give me some answers too. I'll try your number again later.

In the meantime ladies, keep your head above water! (That means you too, DeeAnn.)

Cammy said...

Congratulations on the article! How exciting!

As far as promises to myself, I've had *some* success repeating to the gal in the mirror (and writing in my notebook) a phrase I picked up from Anne Lamott: "It's a debt of honor to myself." With "it" being whatever it is I'm supposed to be doing. I like the idea of using 'debt' (something I *owe* myself) and 'honor' (love and pride) being used together. It works for me. (And thank you for my blog entry for today. *G*)