Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Camping at Tony Grove

I got up early and took this photo at 6:30 AM. The next morning around the same time I saw 3 moose!
This was taken on our hike to White Pine Lake. Our dog, the one in the hot pink harness, helped pull me up the trail. Also, our camera spent the rest of the time on this log until a kind hiker returned it to us on our way back down. (My bad!)
This is Bug and Cousin Kenz with the dogs on top of Mt. Naomi. I should have skipped the White Pine hike so I could do the Naomi one. My body just can't do two days of hiking in a row. (And I'm still stiff five days later. I must be getting old.)
The canoes were our favorite part of the trip. This was taken just after Hubby and Bug won the Father/Son canoe race. Way to go, guys!


Science Teacher Mommy said...

I love Tony's Grove. Such wonderful wildflowers.

Allie's Antics said...

What an awesome picture. Sometimes I forget how beautiful Logan is. We go to Tony Grove EVERY year for a family reunion. We would've been there the exact same time as you! This year, we had to miss though. Football and soccer where too conflicting. Next year for sure. Glad you had fun! Oh, who took care of your garden, and why didn't I steal while you were away????

Flashlight Girl said...

Looks like some good times. What a great way to wind down the summer. We, like Allie, are swamped by football. I'm glad that you are such a diligent picture taker. I haven't taken a picture all summer. LAZY!