Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Golf, golf and (gag!) more golf

I asked Bug what I should write today’s blog entry about. He said, “golf.” Which didn’t really surprise me. Bug eats, drinks and pees golf. In fact, just a few minutes ago he was sitting on the couch holding his Big Bertha driver and said, “Mom, would you tell me if you can see this flex at all.”

He shook the driver back and forth rapidly. I laughed, but could not detect any flex at that speed.

It was just another of those moments when I try to act interested in golf. The problem is that I’m interested in helping my kids reach their dreams, but Bug’s love for golf exceeds my attention span.

He loves to give step-by-step replays of his best holes: the 45 foot putt he made that broke twice, his first birdie on hole 13’s par 3, 118 yard hole that he used his pitching wedge on. He goes on and on. Until my eyes glaze over.

Bug plays an average of 72 holes of golf a week, reads golf magazines cover to cover, compares golf balls (he likes the Titleist Pro V1 and Callaway HX Hot Bite) and watches all sorts of golf stuff on YouTube. Of all the clips he’s had me watch, the commercials for Titleist’s golf balls are my favorite. (Watch this one. This is another that makes me smile. He's also had me watch this.)

Bug also likes to putt indoors. If his shots hit the upside-down mug he’s aiming for, it’s as if it went into the hole. He also likes to practice his swing inside. But he’s not supposed to. In fact, I don’t really like it when he has more than a putter inside.

Bug’s big goal is to make the high school golf team this year. (He’ll be a freshman.) Tryouts are on August 11th. He told me today that he’s going to try to play 18 holes of golf everyday next week using all the equipment he’s planning to take to the tryouts. He’ll approach each day’s play as if he were trying out for the golf team. I hope it helps.

Whatever the outcome, I’m getting used to the idea that golf paraphernalia will liter my house for many years to come.


Science Teacher Mommy said...

I'm with you on the golf. Ask him how his SCIENCE ambitions are coming. :)

Heidi A. said...

It must be a boy thing --- or just an 'intense-boy' thing. When my 12 yr. old son follows me around sharing non-stop specific details about baseball or magic tricks or Wii games or inventions --- I sometimes catch myself not paying attention. (Or, he catches me). But, there are many times when I sit and give him my full undivided (despite the dishes and laundry) hoping that he'll feel validated and understood. I guess that's what they're looking for; a connection and someone who cares!
I think that boys are built more like this as their dedication to one particular thing may be in preparation for a career. What does Safety-Man say about it?

Thanks for providing the ever funny and cheerful side of home life!

Flashlight Girl said...

Boys, boys, boys... I think Heidi hit it right on calling it an "intense boy" thing. Project Man still qualifies. Think of it as a lesson in patience and long-suffering. It's also good to think of appropriate non-specific "I'm listening" phrases/words (really? you don't say? u-huh). :)

Anonymous said...

I suppose I too was one of those teenage boys who talked incessantly with his mother about vitally important, mundane topics. She was a very good listener who periodically interjected “Oh really” while I followed her around the house as she did her work. Typically, I was so caught up in relaying the story and not wanting to be interrupted that I don’t recall knowing whether she was interested or not. What mattered was that someone listened. I’m glad it was my mom. We still talk a lot today. However, the conversation is much more balanced and rewarding for both of us. Hang in there! This too shall improve.