Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Odds and Ends -- Mostly Ends

Yes. That is my rear end. We were out picking beans and Beans, my youngest daughter, kept slapping bean leaves on my bum. I knew she was leaving leaves, I just didn't know they'd make a smiley face when she was done.

Being the good sport that I am, I posed for this photo by, well . . . picking beans. (Watch out Weight Watchers, here I come!)

In other news, I've been trying to find a zippier way to say "endure to the end." Ever since I was a teen that phrase has brought on a fit of deep sighs and rolling of the eyes. Somehow it just conjures up drudgery for me. But I'm trying to change that. I thought it would be fun to find an anagram for "endure to the end" -- use the same letters but rearrange them to form another meaningful, less chore-ish phrase.

When this month's edition of Family Fun Magazine came, it had the web address where you can get anagrams. (Remember, it's summer. My brain is on vacation.)

Here are the serious phrase options for endure to the end:

Ended, thou enter.
Needed -- one truth.
Heed Noted Tuner.

Here are the non-serious phrases for endure to the end:

Needed -- hen tutor
Endure the toned (a challenge for us non-toned.)
tended teen hour
tended hen route
tethered nude (definitely NOT what's part of enduring to the end!)

Just for fun, I entered my name. I got, "A-ha! Sincere hints." And, "Heartaches in sin." Yikes!

Hubby's name yielded, "Ninja chore hens." Bug is a "research ninja." Loula Belle's name predicted, "Manana, sad hen." Beans's results predicted a future profession: I heal antennas. Try it for yourself. Don't get addicted!


simplify heart and home said...

You're cute on all ends!!!!!!!!

Glad you're back on here! I've missed you!

Have to talk to you in-person about your question! :)

Science Teacher Mommy said...

This is just such a great post. From front to back.

I think that Ended, Thou Enter is probably the most on message, though tethered nude is VERY funny.

Using this gimmick would probably make a great blog.

Flashlight Girl said...

You are such a good sport and BRAVE! I'm pretty sure a photo of my rear end would have been deleted pretty quick. Aren't kids great! :)