Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Golf Mania at Belly Acre Farm

Hubby and Bug love to golf. And since we have a long, narrow lot, they often use it as their own personal driving range. What should I infer from a toolbox that is mostly filled with golf balls? Should I be worried about Hubby getting distracted when he goes out to work in the garage?

I've taken a couple photos to show where they tee off from and where the back of our proberty is, but I'm having trouble getting them to upload to my blog. Suffice it to say that I found 12 golf balls in the back pasture this morning on my way home from the morning walk with the dog. It felt like an Easter egg hunt all over again. I'm actually quite proud of my tally.

In other news, I'm also proud of the clever disguise I've made for the Metamucil container that I leave by the sink. (Despite following the Weight Watcher program and eating high-fiber foods, my body needs more. Hence the necessity of Metamucil on my countertop.) Anyway, at our last activity day meeting we covered containers in contact paper to use as desk accessories. Well, I decided that I could apply the same concept to camoflauging my fiber needs. What do you think?

Fiber, anyone?

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Flashlight Girl said...

You're so creative! I love the container--great disguise. Your tool box full of golf balls got me to thinking, perhaps I should take a closer look at things in the garage. There might be a hobby lurking in there.

Hey and thanks for the "great legs" comment! If only they still looked that way. Maybe it was the sandals. Do you think I could find some on Ebay?