Monday, April 21, 2008

Help me, I'm eating again . . .

I need the Lord’s help to conquer my over-eating, but I need to be humble and ASK. Pray at the fridge – or better yet – flee the kitchen like Joseph fled from Potiphar’s wife. (Do you think it would help to post a photo of an Egyptian looking woman on my fridge to remind me to flee from food temptations as Joseph fled from Potiphar’s wife?) When I’ve fled the kitchen, I can pray and ask for inspiration to distract me from emotional eating.

While I’m on the topic of emotional eating, I’ve been thinking about what roles food plays in my emotional well-being.

I’ve been using food to provide:

Those are all things that I need in my life, but food is NOT an appropriate outlet for those needs. (Reminder to self: food is fuel for my physical needs.) If I am to overcome emotional eating, I need to seek to have my emotional needs met by something other than food. Here are some ideas I’ve come up with.

I can find COMFORT through:
The Lord (praying to Him, being grateful for all He’s provided for me to enjoy as I go for walks).
Talking with a family member or close friend.
Hanging out with my dog.

I can have FUN without food by:
Focusing my attention at social gatherings on people – interacting with them, learning more about them, listening to their funny stories, laughing with them.
Observing the children at family gatherings (watching as they make a mess while eating, listening in on their innocent conversations) and by playing with them too.
Playing more games with my kids and hubby.
Doing crafts with the girls.
Playing with the dog. Teaching her new tricks. Going on hikes/outings with her during the day when the kids are at school.
Being sure to have a date each week with my sweetie.
Having game nights and inviting other couples.
Working on projects that are just for fun – my chalkboard, the tree mural and birdhouses.
Writing goofy stuff (Annie entries, Chicken Scratch)

I can find PLEASURE by
Walking with the dog
Arranging for Hubby to come home for lunch more often.
Listening to Norah Jones, Frank Sinatra, Sting and the tracks on my PlayFour playlist on my i-pod.
Spreading a blanket on the grass and lying in the sun!
Buying wonderful smelling body lotion
Investing in nice leg shaving tools and using sunless tanner, then buying clothing that show off my nice smooth legs.
Wearing clothing that makes me feel WONDERFUL! (And not putting off buying the clothes in the hopes of losing more weight.)
Getting a pedicure and then maintaining it with kicky nail colors.
Taking a long, quiet soak in the Jacuzzi.
Doing yoga at the Rec. center on Thursday mornings.
Visiting local art galleries and savoring the emotional response the pieces generate.

I can counter-act boredom and find DISTRACTION without eating by:
Going for a walk.
Blogging or writing in a journal.
Tackling a job that needs doing (like sorting and putting away the winter hats and gloves).
Taking some outdoor photos to use as desktop wallpaper or for blog posting.
Working on making a music/photo DVD.
Updating my books at
Adding songs / deleting dumb ones on my i-pod. Downloading ones that I’ve been wanting.
Reading a book (but NOT munching). Instead, I can read outside or at the library, or even drive to a bookstore/cocoa shop and read there.
Cutting up old jeans for future sewing projects.
Playing the piano.
Trying to write poetry.
Practicing new songs on my penny whistle or recorder.
Using one of the girls’ digital recorders and cackling like a witch, then posting it on my blog.
Whistling and recording a few classics to post.
Looking for publishing opportunities on-line.
Calling Lauri or another girlfriend.
Trying to sketch something.
Selecting a quote to have Angie do in vinyl.


Angie said...

Hey you put that last one in for me to see if I would read the whole list! Awesome! I need to get going on that other one for you - but I never asked you what color you wanted the board - or if you told me... I forgot!! I think that Potipher's wife picture just might work... if it doesn't it sure will be a great conversation piece for anyone who may happen into your kitchen!

Science Teacher Mommy said...

What about classes at USU? Not a degree or career, necessarily, but just a thought . . .

Flashlight Girl said...

Can we be neighbors? I seriously am chuckling over the Joseph and Potiphar's wife pic on the frig! Do you think it would work? I'm having one of those munchy days myself. Actually, the last couple of days have been rough on the eating for the FUN of it side of things. I'm really hoping that going to WW in the morning will help me get back to the grindstone. I'm going to buy some celery and more carrot sticks to just sit out on the counter for my "walk-by" and nibble episodes. If we were neighbors, I'd drag you over to work in my yard or at least motivate me to work in my yard, maybe come up with an easy, fun sewing project or some such distraction. Keep pressing forward! May the FORCE be with you to resist the temptations!

Christie said...

STM, I think part of what's so appealing about the possibility of teaching is getting away from food. At-home moms with food issues have temptation everywhere! (Especially when their kids are young and snacking all the time.)

Christie said...

Update -- I added a link to a nice photo of a seductive Egyptian princess. (Tee, hee, hee!) You can click on it in the original blog entry.