Friday, May 25, 2007

72-hour kits . . . finally rotated

Don't look now, but our family's emergency 72-hour kits are nicely loaded and now sitting down in our cold storage room.

That's a minor miracle, because since the first of April, they've been on the bar in the kitchen, on the floor by the half wall, and most recently out on the back patio waiting for the "emergency food" that needed to be loaded into them.

Hubby thought it would be great to have the entire family go shopping for the emergency food and then all help to load the back packs. Well, I finally pointed out that his plan wasn't working. It had been close to two months, and there was no food to put in the packs. So I finally up and went shopping. And after the emergency food sat for another week or so on our kitchen counter, today I finally just loaded them all up by myself.

We're somewhat new to rotating 72-hour kits. We only just put ours together this past fall. Our plan is to rotate the food, clothing and anything else that needs swapping out during our church's semi-annual General Conferences. (Note: This is also the time we change the batteries in the smoke detectors. Or at least think about changing them.)

If anyone is interested in a list of what we put in our 72-hour kits, drop me a line. ( I also made and laminated cards for each back pack that has 1) the person's name, 2) a list of what is (or should be) in the pack, 3) a menu for 3 days, and 4) a copy of our family's emergency plan which lists such things as our out-of-state contact, a meeting point should it be impossible to return back to our house and other handy information.

I must say that despite the planning, shopping, nagging and effort that went into organizing our family's emergency kits, it feels great to have them finished.

Now I'm crossing my fingers we won't need them -- ever!


Pam said...

I have kept ours have been ready since I had a dream last year where I had to flee my home.

Our food consists of things like pop tarts and stuff, but it is only 3 days so I don't think it will kill any one, :) and my pickiest eaters will eat it.

I am planning to make ID cards this weekend. I was thinking about making them so them would fold, with SS numbers on the inside, but I don't know. I just don't want the kids to have to come up with that information if we were separated some how.

I have read some things lately about abandoned children, now grown, who can not even get a student loan, because no one know who they really are.

I thought also about scanning important paperwork birth certificates etc.., family photos, and such, putting it on a CD with genealogy files, and putting a copy in each backpack.

scienceteachermommy said...

Oh, man, you are SO together.

Will you also tell Jared that he was the student I most wanted to give the science award to, but he was pretty much sweeping every other category in every subject and we tried to spread it around a little bit. He was also my nomination for the Jim Young award. Every year there is one student who impresses me more than any other and this year it was definitely Jared.