Monday, August 24, 2009

Miscellaneous Happenings . . .

Just a quick update of what we've been up to here on Belly Acre Farm.

1. We're officially sick of zucchini. Need some? It's yours!

2. Sweet corn is on and at its prime. Hubby has sold some at work, we've given some away, and most of the family (all but me) have been eating it.

3. I'm doing low-carb (South Beach) again. And it's working. In four weeks I've lost over 6 pounds. For me, that's amazing. And now I know where my near-constant water retention was coming from -- carbs. No carbs, no puffiness. Aaaah! (P.S. I've cheated a time or two, but I'm not going to quit what works.)

4. I'm reading "Build your own web site the right way using HTML and CSS." When I'm finished I'll create a website to market "Don't Let the Stuff You Leave Behind Destroy Your Family," an amazing estate booklet written by Hubby's uncle, Ken Hansen.

5. I've canned 21 pints of baby dill pickles.

6. School started. After the shortest summer on record. (Where DID the time go?!)

7. By this time next week I'll have climbed the Wellsville mountains, or I'll have died trying.

8. Lou is playing competitive soccer.

9. Beans has started ice skating lessons.

10. I've got all my paperwork ready for submitting when I go for my substituting teaching interview with Kelly Education Services on Tuesday next week.


Mamma Christine said...

Wow, I'm impressed. So much going on. I'm going to add that book to me "to read" list. Good luck with everything you've got going on right now!

Flashlight Girl said...

I'm glad the South Beach is working for you! I go to the dr. next week. . . maybe some answers there. Wow, reading how to build a website. You are awesome!

Suko said...

School has started here, too. The summer break went by in a flash.

Good luck climbing the Wellsville mountains!

Science Teacher Mommy said...

Our canning will ramp up this weekend. We'll probably do like 30 quarts of pears on Saturday.

Sorry you are missing the sweet corn; glad your diet is working.


Angie said...

Good to chat this morning!! I'm betting I see you "alive" after the Wellsvilles!! You are an animal Christie!!

Allie's Antics said...

Good luck with your hike. I have enjoyed reading about your hikes in the paper. It's fun to get updates from you!