Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'd die without air conditioning!

I don't know about you, but I don't like the summer heat. I walk the dog in the morning (the earlier and cooler, the better) and then try to stay indoors the rest of the day. Most evenings, however, there is work to be done out in the yard or garden. Mostly Hubby does the outdoor stuff, but tonight I'll pick green beans for the first time this season.

Coming up in August I'll be creating a website to sell copies of Unle Ken Hansen's little book, "Don't let the stuff you leave behind destroy your family." It contains a great way to equitably divide the personal effects of an estate among siblings. Unle Ken has sold or given away over 1,000 books, and I'd like to see what the wonders of the internet can do to keep even more families happily together once their parents pass away. When I get the site up and running, I'll be sure to post an entry with a link. (BTW, does anyone in my neck of the woods have experience creating a website? The last time I created one was back in 2000. Help!)

Yesterday I took an hour or so and culled past posts from this blog for possible inclusion in a book manuscript. I told Hubby my title might be something like, "Thoughts of a Mormon Housewife." He said that he didn't think that would sell very many books. (Thanks, Honey.) So here are some alternate titles. Tell me which you think might entice someone to buy my book.

Love Handles: It's not how we look, but how we love that matters

Temporary Serenity: A Mormon Mother's Quest for Contentment

Lemonade: Making the Most of Life's Lemons

I'd Like to Die Laughing!

Actually, now that I've written those titles, I want to write each one of them. Hey, as long as I'm talking about rejected book titles, I have another one that's been shot down. I've been thinking about writing something along the lines of, "Patience Please! (Pretty please)." I have a friend, I'll call her Linda, who thinks that I should bag writing a book about patience. "No one wants to read a book on patience," she said. "They're either already patient, or they don't want to be patient." Which is probably good advice. Besides, I've yet to acquire a book's worth of patience. And who knows exactly when that will happen.

Enjoy your air-conditioning. (I will be!)


Flashlight Girl said...

I'm with Linda on the book about patience. Also, I'd like to Die Laughing is a pretty fun title. And I 100% agreed with your feelings on air conditioning. Truly a miraculous thing.

Science Teacher Mommy said...

Fourth is my favorite. I'm sick of the lemonade saying. My younger brother has a variation saying, "Life might had you lemons, but if it doesn't also hand you a little bit of sugar it is going to be pretty damn sour lemonade."

Allie's Antics said...

Hey little lady! I thought you were going to girls camp! I was excited to bond. I never saw you up there though. Good luck with all your book plans. I would for sure buy one of your books. I just LOVE the author....

Small House said...

I spent my day with green beans!!!

Love the laugh handle title. I think I'd relate enought to that title, I'd probably have to pick that on up.

Linda said...

Or you could write a book on things Linda has told me that I didn't want to hear. :) I like "I'd like to Die Laughing". That could be a good autobiography title! But I agree with Allie because I'd read any book you write because I love the author. (Even one on patience).