Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Hiking Update

News Flash: The date for my much-publicized hike to the top of the Wellsvilles has changed. I will be hiking the Wellsvilles on Saturday, August 29th. Those wanting to accompany me will meet at my house at 5:30 AM. The date change fits better with my newspaper deadlines.

Recent hikes have helped me to see that the Wellsville hike will be a doozy! Hubby and I hiked 9+ miles on the High Creek Trail on Saturday(photos posted below), and it took me days to fully recover. It was nowhere as steep as the Wellsville hike will be and was also nice and shady up and back. A week ago I started Weight Watcher points tracking again. I'm also going to the gym and doing weight training and cardio. It sure would be nice to drop 10 pounds before August 29th!

But if not, I'll just gut it out, go SLOW, and make the Wellsville climb come heck or high water. I'm guessing that it really is the last window of opportunity for me to climb to the ridge and look down into both Cache County and Box Elder County. I WILL DO IT!

Here are the photos from the High Creek hike. We crossed the creek five times or so. Once on a nice, sturdy bridge with guarde rails, next on a tilting foot bridge, then three times on log bridges. Even Annie, my dog, got proficient at crossing log bridges. Despite my achiness on the way back, the hike was spectacular! It was cool, damp and smelled wonderful (of pine).


Suko said...

The beauty alone makes the hike worthwhile!

I could make a pun about Wellsville but I'll hold myself back.

Small House said...

FUN!!!!! We hiked a bit up the Wellsvilles about a hundred years ago in 6th grade. I attended Wellsville Elementary.

I didn't realize you lived in the Valley.

Hmmmmmm......Maybe I should get my big rear in shape and join you!!
Have a good day.

Allie's Antics said...

I just rode my bike up to that very sign this morning! Great minds think alike. I bet that was a beautiful hike. Green Canyon is simply marvelous right now. Good luck with all your expeditions!

Cox Clan said...

Your pictures from the hike looked beautiful. I am thinking I want to do the wellsville hike with you. I am going to talk to Brian and see if he will do it too. It sounds like an awesome experience. Your awesome too. Thanks for all your great examples.

Science Teacher Mommy said...

Lovely! I wish I could join you.

Newspaper deadlines? Are you free-lacncing again?

Flashlight Girl said...

I'm going to admit timidity. We hiked about 7 miles on Saturday with the family. No where near as difficult as the Wellsvilles and I was tuckered! August 29th at 5:30. Sounds like a plan.