Friday, February 06, 2009

Hiking to Health . . .

Last last year I hit upon a fun way to stay motivated to get in shape. Go hiking! I also approached my local newspaper about the possibility of sharing my exploits with its readers. Well, I just heard back from the features editor. They'd like me to write a once-a-month hiking piece starting in February and going thru September. Watch out Herald Journal readers, HERE I COME!

I'll be combining the Green Canyon hike with this past Saturday's Cherry Creek hike for the first submission. Here are some shots I took on Saturday. For Tina's take on the excursion, visit her blog. (She has better photos.)

This is my sister Sherri and her friend Carl mugging for the camera before we head up the trail.

This is Tina carrying her snowshoes. We discovered that the packed trail didn't really require snowshoes. Speaking for myself, I discovered that the little wider walking stance required for snowshoeing bothered my hips. Curse these hips! Walking up the trail in hiking books was easier.

This is Carl bending down to take off his snowshoes. Notice that he's got my set strapped to his backpack. Thanks Carl! (I ditched mine sooner than everyone else.)

After we'd been hiking for over an hour, the packed trail ended at a cabin. Hmmmm. We'd long ago left our snowshoes under a tree. We trudged up the trail a bit sans snow gear, but decided to call it a hike and turn around.

All in all, I think it was a good idea to ditch the snowshoes. Not only did it save my hips, but it shortened our hike -- made it so that we didn't overdo. I came home feeling like I'd had a workout, but not left totally drained. Perfect!

Next week we'll be hiking Bunchgrass trail up Logan Canyon. E-mail me if you'd like to come along!


Flashlight Girl said...

I'm so glad the HJ is giving you a chance to shine! I look forward to the column! :)

Suko said...

Yahoo! Congratulations, Christie!