Saturday, January 24, 2009

No News is the Best Kind of News . . .

Warning, this may be a ho-hum post. 'Cause nothing big has been happening lately. But in light of last month's heart scare and holiday headaches, nothing is a good thing.

The kids are being kids. Bug is interested in yet another pair of basketball shoes. He doesn't need them. (He just bought a new pair last month.) But he's determined to buy them. If I go insane in the next few weeks, you'll know that my son's basketball show fettish finally overcame my sanity. (Note: As parents we've expressed our disappointment in his shoe plans, but he does have his own money to spend. We did say that transportation to and from the shoe store will be $5.)

Both Bug and Loula Belle are playing on local basketball teams. Both teams are undefeated after four weeks. Last week we also got a call inviting Lou to play on a girl's competitive soccer team for this spring. They needed a goalie. Lou jumped at the chance.

Beans, our mild child, is loving winter. Mostly because there aren't any grasshoppers around. She's got a serious aversion to grasshoppers and other creepy, crawly critters. Summer garden work is the ultimate in agony for our 10-year-old.

I've called the man who is over all the Especially For Youth (EFY) faculty and left a message expressing my interest in becoming an instructor. I learned from a neighbor who teaches with EFY that I'll need to have four 45-minute talks. Here's my possible title list:

1. Charity: Seeing the world through Son-glasses
2. Lessons on individuality from the occupants of Noah's Ark.
3. Working in the garden of the gospel.
4. Whose marching orders will you follow?

In the last couple of weeks the Church has initiated a hiring freeze. I'm not sure if that will apply to EFY instructors or not, but either way, I'm having fun pursuing this dream.

In publishing news, I heard from the features editor at the Herald Journal that he's been swamped and hasn't had time to read my first hiking article yet. Earlier he's said that they're experiencing budget cuts and isn't sure that they'll want to make an on-going committment to a correspondent. At least he didn't say no. Yet.

In all sorts of ways, no news really is the best kind of news.


Tayler said...

You are awesome and would make a fabulous EFY speaker. Isn't it interesting how different people are... that would be my greatest fear in ALL THE WORLD! 45 minutes of speaking in front of people... AAAAHHHHH... I wouldn't make it 4.5 minutes!! I feel much more comfortable sitting behind a computer expressing my views... especially since I'm in my pajamas and wearing my glasses, plus I never even combed my hair today (and it's 9 @ night) :)!! That's the best kind of day!!

Angie said...

By the way that above comment wasn't Tayler - having two accounts on the same computer is going to drive me crazy :)!

Suko said...

No news is good news, sometimes, although it can also mean that
you're in a state of limbo, or at least waiting to hear about something or another. But I have a feeling that good things are on the
way to you. . . .

Science Teacher Mommy said...

Good luck with the EFY thing. I applied to be a counselor when I was a freshman and . . . well the ensuing mayhem that surrounded my apartment because of that simple decision would make a great blog post. Basically they have about 50 applicants for every position. I don't know how it works for the teachers. I think you'd be great, it is just getting up in the front to make your point that is the hard part.

Della Hill said...

You stopped by my blog and I wanted to return the favor.
I am really enjoying your blog and will definitely be back.
I totally want to hear the talk about individuality on Noah's Ark.
I guess there are a select few of us that actually like speaking in front of people.
I kind of get excited when I get a call to speak in church. Not my husband though, he tends to get an anxiety induced flu as well as seemingly inspired creativity which helps him come up with all kinds of ways to get out of it.
See you again soon!