Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Living, breathing, and never giving up

I quit Weight Watchers because it was too devastating to follow the program, pay my money, and gain weight. But that doensn't mean that I'm throwing in the towel.

Nope. I'm still tracking WW points and focusing on core/filling foods (i.e. lowfat dairy, fruits and veggies, lean proteins and healthy fats). I'm getting my exercise and light therapy all in one. In fact, I've upped the time to 45 minutes and increased the resistance on the Nordic Track just a tad.

I made a breakthrough yesterday. In the past I've been a little discouraged by my family's desire to have carbilicious foods around. Well, yesterday I decided that I will no longer buy foods that aren't good for me. They can want them. They can even buy them. But I won't.

At family night I told them of my resolution. They weren't happy. I also explained that we'd still have a treat every Monday evening as a part of family night, but that it would be a single serving treat. Meaning we'd go to the store and have everyone select a treat of their choice, but the days of ice cream tubs and a dozen donuts are over. I told my kids that they could put their sweets/treats requests in with their dad, and he'd be the one to buy them. They weren't too optimistic that he'd be bringing their booty home either.

Taking a stand to not buy unhealthy things may seem like a little thing, but already I feel more in control of my life. More free. It's a good feeling!


Suko said...

You are also helping the rest of your family to eat better, too. They may grumble now, but they'll feel better in the long run. Set out a beautiful bowl of crisp apples (or other fruit) as a treat for all to enjoy.

Cathy - wheresmydamnanswer said...

You need to do what ever plan works for you and that may very well be "your own" plan!! Good for you and your family in the end will thank you!!

Flashlight Girl said...

Oh, I wish I were as strong as you. I go back to WW tomorrow. I am a bit nervous as the scale hasn't be overly friendly lately. . . I so want things to be different!

Tracy said...

I do that - when I'm actually following my food plan. Sometimes I get lax about it. But when I'm following it, one thing I do for a treat for the kids is buy fresh fruit, like strawberries or blueberries or bananas, and I get real whipped cream - with no sugars. I will have the fruit as a treat, but bypass the whipped cream. And for the kids, since the real whipped cream doesn't have sugars, it's still a healthy treat for them. My kids love it.

Also, real fruit leathers. Once they get used to the healthy stuff, they like it.