Saturday, December 13, 2008

Using Oprah's weight gain as part of my weight loss motivation

I feel for Oprah. Sure, she may be a billionaire. She may have a home in the Bahamas and wealth untold. But she also has regained 40 pounds to reach the 200 pound mark. And it's all over the newspapers, magazines and internet. She gains her weight in the public eye.

I'm just grateful that my weight gain trend isn't on the front page of my local paper. It's bad enough to watch the scale climbing ever upward without uncaring millions knowing about it.

Oprah and I have a lot in common. We've been obese. We've lost a lot of weight and looked really good. And we've gained it back. A number of times. Oh, and we both have thyroid problems. (We both have the gift of gab as well.)

(Note: As I was typing that last line I hit the 's' key instead of the 'b' key when typing gab. For a moment there, Oprah and I both had the gift of gas. . . . Must. Stop. Laughing.)

A-hem. Serious again. Any moment now.

Dang. I can't get serious again. The 'gift of gas' line really blew my whole plan of writing an inspiring post about how I'm going to stop my recent trend of gaining weight by conquering my personal Mt. Everest -- hiking the Wellsville mountains. I was going to write about how Oprah will no doubt hire a personal trainer and pay nutrition experts to help her lose weight. I, on the other hand, will go the low-cost route and use hiking and snowshoeing to reach the same ends.

The same ends.

Gift of gas.

I'd better stop while I'm ahead.


Flashlight Girl said...

I really hope whoever keeps track of stuff with Oprah's name in the bloggosphere reads this and passes it on. Funny. I still want to do the Wellsville hike.

Suko said...

Christie, you've made me laugh again. I've given you a blogging award. : )
Please visit my blog for the details!

Kim Smith said...

ROFL!~ I found you through Suko. Who doesn't need an inspiring post about weight loss these days? And then I read the gab/gas post. Omg. The visual of Oprah W pooting her way across the stage, as she disses herself for gaining her weight back... omg. too funny. thank you for making my day!