Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Ways I Save Money . . .

This morning as I was washing my hair, I realized that despite what my husband might think, I am pretty good at saving money. It was the shampoo that reminded me.

I did a price comparison on shampoo over a year ago and found that my local beauty supply store had an awesome deal on shampoo in gallon containers. I bought two. Then I bought re-fillable squirt containers at Wal-Mart for each shower. I'm not going to spend a lot on something that just gets washed down the drain. (Photos included.)

Another thing I do is buy food in bulk when it comes on sale. Which means that I read ads and compare prices, and always carry a calculator in my purse.

See the green Bissel vacuum in the food storage photo? That's another way we save money -- clean our own carpets. (It really came in handy each time we had a child who was potty training.)

Food storage is something my church leaders counsel members to accumulate and rotate. I find that growing a garden and canning what we grow really cuts down on grocery costs. Also, cooking from scratch is cheaper and healthier than buying ready-made foods or eating out.

By doing laundry only once a week, I save on the cost of electricity, natrual gas, water and laundry products. Running full loads is the most cost-effective way to do laundry. It also allows me to track what my kids are throwing in the wash. I've had to lecture my oldest daughter that just because she's worn something doesn't mean it's dirty. My kids have been taught to use their senses: if something looks dirty, it's dirty. If it smells dirty, it's dirty. If it feels dirty, it's dirty. If is doesn't look, feel or smell dirty, it's not dirty. Hang it up! Loula Belle has been warned that she can't get new clothes until she learns how to take care of the clothes she currently has. (Excessive washing wears out clothes and mothers!)

The best way to save money is to keep a budget and spend less than you make. Remember, budget is NOT a four-letter word!


Suko said...

You have some really good ideas! Loved your line, "Excessive washing wears out clothes and mothers!"
I can relate!

Hannah said...

Wow, your food storage room looks GREAT! I love the shelves, you are so organized.


Hannah @

Shauna said...

Wow that looks so great! What awesome ideas to save money! Thanks for sharing :)

Carolyn..blog.TotallyReady.com said...

Don't you just love the feeling of walking into your food storage room? There is nothing better than knowing you can feed your family, and feed them foods they will like! Way to go!

Christie said...

Suko, Hannah, Shauna and Carolyn: thanks for dropping in. I think my food storage room looks better than my bathrooms. Must clean the showers soon! (Why do you think I took the photo of the shampoo canisters on the kitchen counter?!)