Friday, October 03, 2008

Best Analysis of the Billion Dollar Wallstreet Bailout

Americans everywhere are watching to see what Congress will do about the proposed 700 billion dollar bailout. We've taken the Wall Street Journal for years, but I've never read it like I'm reading it now.

My gut reaction is that the bailout is bad news for America. I wrote to my U.S. representatives over a week ago urging them to use caution and discretion.

In all my reading and watching of the news, I found the most thoughtful and convincing analysis from my local newspaper this morning. Kim Burgess, of the Herald Journal, interviewed USU professor Tyler Bowles. You can read his take on the bailout by clicking here. (It's at

My favorite quote from Professor Bowles is, "We do know that the world only ends once, and this probably isn't it."


Allie's Antics said...

I am impressed on your need to investigate this proposed bail-out plan. I need to find more info myself. The debate last night didn't do a thing to settle my nerves about America's future. Keep me posted on what you find out.

Suko said...

It is a mind-boggling matter of enormous importance to the U.S.(and the world). Thank you for sharing this analysis.