Thursday, August 21, 2008

What can faith do for mothers?

A deadbolt at the top of the door.

Leaving a planning meeting for the young women’s organization that I’m now a part of, I saw the well-planned means to prevent young children from escaping outside without the knowledge of their parents. But our hostess doesn’t have children yet, a fact I remembered just before opening my mouth to comment on the clever home design. My words might have pricked a heart already tender and still recovering from two failed attempts to adopt a precious newborn.

Precious. A word I’ve been thinking about a lot in light of my friend’s situation. As my own children head back to school, I’m using her clever deadbolt as a touchstone to help me ponder the sweetness of children, my own included.

I am a sap. I freely admit it. Sometimes I’m tough-nosed and stern, grumpy even. Other days I’m goofy, talkative and playful. But ever since my youngest headed off to a full day of school, I get sentimental and mushy at the start of each new school year. The truth is, I miss my kids when they’re gone to school.

Last night as I was saying my bedtime prayer, I thought of my friend’s deadbolt and asked the Lord to comfort and strengthen her, to grant the mother-desires of her heart. I also prayed that He would help me feel gratitude instead of loneliness this year. As I got up off my knees, I felt hope and peace. I could envision myself going about my daily activities in contentment.

This morning I walked my youngest daughter to school and met her new teacher. As I left the elementary school, eager, smiling children surged all around me. The building buzzed with their energy and excitement. Again I thought of my friend and her longing to mother a child.

Faith can move mountains. What can faith do for mothers? In The Book of Mormon, Ether 12:19 states, “And there were many whose faith was so exceedingly strong … [they] saw with their eyes the things which they had beheld with an eye of faith.”

I cannot know the number of friends and family who are exercising faith along with my friend and her husband. I can, however, add my own faith and prayers. And share the tender mercies of a loving Heavenly Father who gave me eyes of faith to see a young mother with a child in her arms reaching up to deadbolt her door to keep a rambunctious son from escaping.


Heidi A. said...

She's in our prayers too. I love her and have longed for her to have the sweet blessings that she desires. I can relate in the sense that I have unfulfilled righteous longings as well. I guess I think of the Prophet Joseph who told the early Saints "We're not just building a Temple, the Lord is building us". I think that there is reason for the sorrow --- but it sure is difficult and tender.
Thank you for your compassionate words and kindness. I think she would be very touched to know that you care so much. Sometimes we all need to do that for each other! Love you!

Allie's Antics said...

Oh Christie, my dear friend. I needed that thought today! I shut myself in all day long today. I have been crying and the whole shebang. Sending Rachael to school has just hit me like a brick. Thanks so much for your words. I need to show more gratitude.

Science Teacher Mommy said...

Lovely post. It can be so hard to understand why things are the way they are. Faith is indeed the only answer.

Horsley News said...

What a beautiful thought. As I was reading it I started pondering the uses of a deadbolt. It is to lock bad things out and to protect from within. What a great symbolism for a mother's role. We are to protect our children from the temptations of the world so they don't get hurt. And to keep them close to us and love and cherish them.

Thanks for your words. Jenn

Jimmy and Rachel said...

Christie -
Thank you for your kind words and thoughts. You're not supposed to make me cry like I am right now!