Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Olympic Thoughts and Questions

Our family has enjoyed gathering around the television in the evenings and watching the Olympic games in Beijing. We have family discussions about the amazing abilities of the athletes and contemplate the practice that has gotten them there.

I've especially watched the mothers of the athletes with keen interest. I don't completely understand the bond between Michael Phelps and his mother. She seems to be everything to him. I find their closeness both admirable and suffocating. I listen to how much she's sacrificed to help Michael fulfill his swimming dreams and ambitions. Could I ever do the same to help my children fulfill their dreams?

What are my childrens' dreams? How do I help them reach for their dreams and also
raise them to be well-rounded and balanced individuals? How do I avoid being the overly pushy parent?

Recently Hubby and I set up college savings plans for our three children. When Hubby was telling our nine-year-old daughter about the new account set up for her she said, "I don't want to go to college."

That's news to me. But what if that's how she feels towards the end of high school? How hard do I push to encourage her to pursue an advanced degree? What if I want more for her than she wants for herself?

Where do parents fit in their children's dreams?

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Flashlight Girl said...

This is a tough one. Another question in the balancing act of being a parent. I feel sad for whoever Michael Phelps marries. She and her mother-in-law will likely have issues. (Think North and South's Mrs. Thornton.)