Saturday, July 19, 2008

Why I Won't Be Seeing Dark Knight

I was reading Science Teacher Mommy's blog this morning. She writes about her reaction to seeing the latest Batman movie, Dark Knight. What follows are my comments to her post.

I loved the last Batman movie, but even before Heath Ledger's death I was contemplating skipping this one. When I heard the shocking news of Ledger's overdose, I knew I'd never see this film. Some have said that Heath's immersion in the role of Joker unsettled him, may have contributed to the medications he was taking. I feel like if I were to attend this Batman film, I'd somehow be an accomplice to his tragic death.

If we demand movies that are so dark that actors playing in them must seek psychiatric help, what does that say about our society? There is enough darkness and evil in the real world. I'm not going to watch it as entertainment.


Allie's Antics said...

OH! I feel so bad. I am too late. I saw Dark Knight last evening. It was very dark, and afterwards I thought up basically the same comment as posted. I am guilty of supporting this movie. It was very dark, and I can see why Heath Ledger had to go on meds after playing the roll. I almost do and I just watched it. What a dummy!!

Flashlight Girl said...

I not sure as to whether or not I'll see this movie, but just for the record, Heath Ledger was a drug abuser long before he started filming Dark Knight. I'm sure the darkness of the role contributed to further use, but let's face it, most of the entertainment industry is filled with emotionally unbalanced souls searching for fulfillment in all the wrong places. If we were only to frequent those movies acted out by stable, righteous role models, we wouldn't even be attending Disney movies anymore.
My movie pick of the week: Kit Kittredge: American Girl. Darling! AND rated G! Wow. I took my whole family, including my mother. We all loved it. Of course it's predictable, but there are some emotional moments as well as helping further my children's historical perspective. Besides, if a movie has the guts to be rated G in this day of sensationalism, I'm going to support it no matter what!

Christie said...

I know that seeing Dark Knight doesn't really make anyone an accomplice to Heath Ledger's death. And sometimes actors must portray evil characters (Michael Ballam's starring role comes to mind.) What I object to is the utter darkness of this latest flick. You can feel it just watching the trailers.

Watching a film is like reading a book -- only someone else has decided the images that your mind's eye will see. Would you read a book that portrayed that amount of darkness? What if the book graphically descibed the mayhem and bloodshed? Our book club in Layton once thought about reading "Underboss: The story of Sammy 'The Bull' Gravano." I pre-read it to see if it would fly. Nope. I couldn't even get past the first couple of chapters because of the mob murders, conspiracy and darkness that the book contained.

Violence is a reality of our world. I pity those who live with it and will take measures to protect my loved ones from its influence -- real or hollywoodized.

Angie said...

I'm not a real Batman/Superhero fan anyway. And luckily I have girls that don't either! But I do agree with you on the darkness of the trailers. I covered Jady's eyes one night when it came on. After she looked at the joker and kept repeating, "Oh, no!"

simplify heart and home said...

I totally agree with you Christie and won't be seeing it either. There are few movies worth attending these days. But, I do know that there are producers who are trying to fulfill President Kimballs vision to make the 'best' in all areas of talent. We look forward to that day and need to support them when they do arrive.

Have you seen "Emma"? It won't get the attention but is really worth seeing! I was pleasantly suprised!