Monday, July 21, 2008

Google’s #1 Overweight Housewife

I have a nifty little counter on my blog from I can log in at their website and see how many people have visited my site and what search terms brought them there. (Among many other fun statistics.)

I’ve had people click on Belly Acre Farm looking for “FLDS Swimwear” and “how to get on well with nagging mothers.” No joke. Today when I logged in at StatCounter I saw that someone from Milford, Connecticut googled the term “overweight housewife” and landed on my blog for less than a second. (Apparently my entry, “Overweight Housewife on Wheels” was not quite what they wanted.)

Not only can I tell what search terms brought someone to my site, but I can also click on their search and see where my blog came up in their google search. So get this . . . if you go to and enter overweight housewife, my blog is the first entry to come up.

I don’t know whether to be ashamed or proud.


Flashlight Girl said...

Giggling. I swear it wasn't me.

Angie said...

Love it! Stat Counter is pretty fun, yesterday someone happened onto my site by looking for "the guy in who's the boss" (I had one post titled Who's the boss.) Also someone looked up "Twin Falls Temple Open House"... and stayed for 20 hours 3 minutes and some odd seconds???? I hope they found what they were looking for!!

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Anonymous said...

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