Thursday, May 08, 2008

Recent Pleasures

Just a few things that I have really gotten a kick out of. . .

Hubby reading aloud from Sunday of the Living Dead by Robert Kirby & Pat Bagley in bed last night. I especially enjoyed the chapter featuring Kirby’s suggestions for the next hymnal. Our favorite was These Boots are Made for Tracting – “and one of these days these boots are gonna tract all over Yuma, Arizona.” It was great to watch Hubby laugh out loud.

Home grilled hamburgers.

Calling the kids home from Israelsen Park using our family’s signature call – blasts from an airhorn. Short, short, looooong! (It sure beats hollering.)

Letting our dog in with the growing chicks and having her simply sniff them. And try to lick their feet. But no biting. See, she really is a nice dog!

Chatting with friends on the sidelines of Lou’s soccer games. Kayla helped motivate me to see just how close I am to getting my teaching certificate current. (Thanks, Kayla.)

Nemesis’s blog about biking. (You MUST check it out and read the comments too.)

Spring blossoms: daffodils, forsythia, apricot (popcorn) blossoms, sand cherry trees, grape hyacinth.

Beans coming in from school with yellow dandelion stains all over her face! (What a cute face!)

Looking through photos from my summer in Japan with Lou. Watching her put together her school report on Japan. Taking her to a Japanese restaurant and having her try sushi. (She’ll pass.) Eating tuna sushi with wasabi. Ouishi desu!

Wrapping a few things for myself for Mother’s Day. But also knowing that Hubby has bought me something too.

Looking forward to the kids’ homemade Mother’s Day gifts.

Weeding the front flowerbed with the wheel hoe and feeling like a gritty, tough, pioneer-stock woman!


Flashlight Girl said...

Thanks for the nemesis blog tip. the biking incident cracked me up! You have such a gift for identifying and relishing the simple things. . . I'm gonna try to be like you.

Science Teacher Mommy said...

What a lovely week. The little things really are the best.