Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Running the bread machine but forgetting the yeast

I did it again. I ran the bread machine but forgot to add the yeast. Notice the word, ‘again.’ This was my third or fourth batch of failed bread. Actually, that’s not true. This was just a failed batch of dough. I was going to make breadsticks to go along with dinner. They were the part of the meal that the kids were most likely to eat, as the main dish was grilled halibut. (Crazy kids!) Fortunately my kids found my lack of bread machine skills more amusing than disappointing. Whew.

In other mundane news, it’s the day before the last day of the month. This means that in two days I will have a new month’s budget to spend. And until then I shall not spend anything. (Do you look forward to the start of a new month as much as I do?)

Continuing in the trend of newsy bits of nothing, I walked the dog this morning. I took along our new digital camera. Here are some things I saw on our walk. (Note: The forsythia shot makes a great desktop wallpaper to remind yourself that it’s really spring. It’s especially good for snowy days.)

Concluding today’s post on a sobering note, my grandmother’s health is failing. I’m witnessing it first hand as I’m helping with her meals. This morning she knew me, remembered that my cousin had gotten married on Saturday, and seemed fairly with-it. But yesterday she had zero energy, could hardly hold her glass of water, was very unstable on her feet, and often made random comments. She also slept most of yesterday.

I know that our time on earth is limited, but seeing the winding up days of Grandma’s life really puts my own life in perspective. Family matters. Friends matter. Clean counters are optional.


Flashlight Girl said...

Amen! Getting to spend time with your grandmother is such a blessing. Although tough to witness, you'll be glad you had those times, as well as all the good memories.

Honey, it's time you started mixing up the dough with your kitchenaid! It's a snap and takes a fraction of the time of using a breadmachine to do it. Really! If you need some encouragement, call me!

Angie said...

the whole bread thing is causing me grief. I never make bread except in the breadmaker and it has been years since I did that. Last week I decided to be domestic and start it up again. I bought new yeast... made some in the breadmaker... it didn't rise. I tried rolls in the kitchenaid and bread another day, no luck! I finally bought another things of yeast and sure enough if your yeast works so does your bread. My kids think I am amazing that I can "make bread that is even better than the stores."

Christie said...

Oh the glory of bread machines!