Saturday, April 05, 2008

Memories of Microfilm

Tonight while I was down working out on the Nordic Track I thought about how my twelve-year-old daughter had taught me how to better use Google’s search capabilities. That thought led me to a memory of my mother and me up at the USU Merrill Library (which no longer exists). She was teaching me how to do research for my debate class. We looked through the card catalog, through some index of periodicals. She even showed me how to look up and use microfilm and microfiche.

This memory made me feel positively ancient. Up until Lou’s recent lesson on finding images on Google, I’d been the one disseminating technological information to my kids. I’d heard about kids showing parents how to program VCRs and work mp3 players, but that had never been me. Until now. Sigh.

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Angie said...

Got to love it! It makes me wonder what our kids will be taught by our grandkids!