Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Hurray for Libraries!

In today's blog I'm stating my opinion about the possibility of a county-wide library system in my area. I'm 100% FOR IT!!

In fact, I've signed the on-line petition. You can too. You'll find it HERE.

If you need a little convincing that a county-wide library system is a GREAT idea for our area, I've included a copy of the letter that I e-mailed to the mayor of my city.

Dear Sir,

I am a resident in favor of a county-wide library system. I have been following the recent movement to bring country-wide access to libraries with much interest. I know that as mayor your responsibility is to do what is in the best interest for the citizens of our community, and I appreciate your candor and position. I believe that our city's residents will not "suffer" under a shared library system. In fact, I think that residents here will have a lot to gain. For starters, we'll have access to books in the Big City's Library. I understand their collection is greater than ours. Also, I believe that library access contributes to an informed citizenry, and no one lives in complete isolation. If more residents of our valley have access to libraries, our valley can only benefit -- and that includes Happy Acres.

I was born and raised in Cache Valley, living most of my childhood in Hyrum. I remember going to the library when it was on the corner of 100 East and 100 North in Logan. I also spent many happy hours in the Hyrum City library under the watchful eye of the librarian, Bessie Brown. The Bookmobile was another favorite summer haunt from my childhood. I was too young to remember when county access to the Logan library was abolished, but now I'm old enough to know that was a mistake. My adult years in Davis County, Utah and Bannock County, Idaho have shown me that county-wide library systems are a real boon for their communities. And it's about time we had one again!

Basing decisions strictly on "What's in it for me?" is no way to govern or to educate.

Thanks for listening to my opinion.

Also, I've taken the opportunity to talk with Brian Chambers, my representitive on the Cache County Council and a member of the committee charged with looking into the feasibility of a county-wide library. He said that many citizens have been concerned that a county-wide system would fund the building of a new library for Logan City. He assured me that it's just not so! So if that was a concern of yours, erase it.

Finally, I'm including the blog address for the man who started the on-line petition. Check it out. Decide how you feel about libraries, and if you're of the same mind as me, go ahead and sign the petition.

Happy Reading!


Science Teacher Mommy said...

Nemesis will love you forever.

BTW your sidebar picture is very cute. I haven't yet figured out how to get one on my blog.

julie baird said...

You are absolutely RIGHT! My dad, Cache County Council for the past 22 years, is often stymied as to why people are so resistant to change and to improve the county's services as a whole. However, with the right marketing and due to the changing demographic of Cache Valley (more educated and more 20-40 yr old with families that actually vote) it could be time for the county library idea to take hold. Having talked to siblings that live in the Nibley area, they have to pay some library (they chose Hyrum due to lower fees) just for priviledges anyway! My sisters who live in Providence are constantly bemoaning the lack of selection at their little library. They are avid readers and loyal patrons of their city's library, but have "pooled" with neighbors to gain access to the Logan system. Having lived in Davis county and now in Weber (they have equal share priviledges) I can't imagine any other system that would serve my family's needs. Keep talking up this issue! Letters to the editor, family and friends out in the county, etc. Cache county should have such a system!

Sidenote: Look at the wonderful success of the recycling system that is shared by Logan and the county! If people can be swayed to recycle, why not better educate their families? It's all about the marketing!