Sunday, March 10, 2013

March Menu

Here's what's for dinner in March -- just the main dishes. (Unless the menu is lie.)

3/9 -- Steak and oven-baked fries
3/10 -- Oven-baked chicken pasta
3/11 -- Curry rice and vegetables
3/12 -- French toast
3/13 -- Loaded potato soup with breadsticks
3/14 -- Date night (forage)
3/15 -- Home-grilled hamburgers
3/16 -- French dip sandwiches
3/17 -- Crockpot pork roase with veggies (cabbage?)
3/18 -- Green Chili stew (w/ leftover pork)
3/19 -- Homemade pizza w/ green beans
3/20 -- Spicy Thai noodles w/ freezer corn
3/21 -- Date night (forage)
3/22 -- Taco salad
3/23 -- Stew-cube stroganoff over rice or noodles
3/24 -- Crockpot Tortilla Soup w/ bread
3/25 -- Baked potato bar
3/26 -- Grilled cheese sandwiches
3/27 -- Little smokies in a blanket w/ green beans or salad
3/28 -- Date night (forage)
3/29 -- Rice Mexicalli
3/30 -- Pasta alfredo


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Christie and Crew said...

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