Monday, June 17, 2013

2 Loads of laundry -- no soap!

Yup. I had a mental moment.

I'm blaming it on the blog post that consumed most of my morning. That, and having a fairly new washer that has a fancy-pantsy steam clean function that I tried for only the second time this morning.

So there I was, trying to get the socks and underwear load really, really clean and sanitized, and I run the batch without soap. Which I didn't realize until over 2 hours later. That's right -- the steam/sanitize function takes TONS of TIME -- over 2 hours! And for some reason as it was running, the machine experienced a blip that caused it to stop and display an error message. So I go into the laundry room, irritated to be drawn away from the day's important blog post, and figure that it's just easier to start the batch over on the regular cycle that only takes 40 minutes.

Not until that cycle finished and I was transfering the wet socks to the dryer did I realize that neither batch had detergent in it.

Yup. I ran two batches of laundry (2 cycles) without a lick of detergent.

Must be Monday.

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Paperclip and String Earrings

This is an update on how the paperclip earrings turned out.

They didn't.

I followed the directions -- even super-glued the ends of the unbent paperclips together. But those ends of the paperclip were what ended up being the problem. They didn't stay glued.

Oh, and as I was wrapping the paperclip in the navy blue crochet thread that I'd chosen, I kept thinking to myself. Wow, this is taking forever. This may be a really cheap craft, but my TIME is worth something.

Then, as I was about 2/3 done with wrapping the first paper clip in string, the ends that I'd super-glued together broke, making the string uneven and frustrating me. I admit it, I'm a perfectionist. I thought about finishing the earrings, but that broken superglue bond bugged me. And I didn't see a sure-fire way around it, so I trashed the paperclip earrings.

Based on my progress on the first one, it wasn't going to be something that I wanted to wear, let alone a gift I could give to someone else.

Fortunately, the Asian Chicken Broccoli Slaw turned out much better.

I can't eat broccoli uncooked, so I sauteed the broccoli slaw and sliced green onions prior to adding the sauce. In retrospect, I'm pretty sure that cooking the broccoli slaw made it a little less appealing to my family initially. My husband asked, "What's this?"

That's not really what I like to hear when presenting a new dish to the family.

Fortunately he tried it, liked it, and happily ate it for dinner.

And the recipe isn't lying when it says the sauce is yummy. I loved it!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Summer Pinterest Projects . . .

I'm just thinking out loud here. Don't hold me to this, but . . .

To make this summer fun and interesting I'm planning to make one recipe from Pinterest every week and also try one project idea from Pinterest. Whadayathink? Crazy? Over-reaching? Do-able?

The Paperclip and String earrings  are my first project, and I've already unbent my paperclips and the ends are super-gluing together as I write. (No fingers glued together this time. Yeah!) I'm going to make them using navy blue cotton crochet thread and Elmer's glue that I already have on hand. Ditto the earring findings -- I'm a closet jewelry maker. The net cost to me? Nada.

When I get them finished, I'll post photos, tips, etc. Until then you can check out this site for how to make them yourself.

And now for the first recipe I'm going to try. . .
 -- Asian Chicken Brocoli Slaw --
Saw it on Pinterest today, made up the grocery list, and plan just one itty, bitty change before serving it to my family. . . . I'm going to quickly stir-fry the broccoli slaw in a little sauce before combining it with the rest of the ingredients. (My stomach doesn't like raw broccoli.)

Again, I'll let you know how it turns out.

And, just in case you haven't seen me face to face in a while, I have a new motivational phrase for getting through life's ups and down . . . "Muddle Through."

Sound familiar? It's from a famous Christmas carol, "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas." It perfectly sums up what life is like most of the time. And, hey, who says muddling can't be fun? That's going to be my own unique spin to muddling . . . FUN! (Someone has to put the fun in dysFUNctional.)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

March Menu

Here's what's for dinner in March -- just the main dishes. (Unless the menu is lie.)

3/9 -- Steak and oven-baked fries
3/10 -- Oven-baked chicken pasta
3/11 -- Curry rice and vegetables
3/12 -- French toast
3/13 -- Loaded potato soup with breadsticks
3/14 -- Date night (forage)
3/15 -- Home-grilled hamburgers
3/16 -- French dip sandwiches
3/17 -- Crockpot pork roase with veggies (cabbage?)
3/18 -- Green Chili stew (w/ leftover pork)
3/19 -- Homemade pizza w/ green beans
3/20 -- Spicy Thai noodles w/ freezer corn
3/21 -- Date night (forage)
3/22 -- Taco salad
3/23 -- Stew-cube stroganoff over rice or noodles
3/24 -- Crockpot Tortilla Soup w/ bread
3/25 -- Baked potato bar
3/26 -- Grilled cheese sandwiches
3/27 -- Little smokies in a blanket w/ green beans or salad
3/28 -- Date night (forage)
3/29 -- Rice Mexicalli
3/30 -- Pasta alfredo