Monday, March 01, 2010

My Stint as a Washing Machine Repair Woman

I do laundry once a week, and today is the day. Or WAS the day. I'd started a batch of dark clothes in the washing machine and came back a few minutes later to add my black exercise pants. That's when I noticed that although the machine sounded like it was working, the agitator (the white spiral thingy in the middle) wasn't moving. The clothes were basically just sitting there in the water.

Looking back, I'm pretty sure that the washing machine hasn't been working for a couple weeks now. Each time I'd take the dark clothes out of the washer a few articles from each batch still had detergent residue on them. At the time I thought that maybe I'd overfilled the machine. (Which can definitely happen when you're only doing laundry once a week.)

I was not thrilled about the prospect of having to get the washing machine fixed. Although the thought of a new machine was temporarily exciting, I remembered that we'd spent over $600 last month getting the car to pass inspection. There was no money for a new machine, and having a repairman come out for a house call costs $70.

Fortunately, I remembered my 13-year-old daughter's favorite fix for problems -- Google it. I decided to see what I could find out about the costs of fixing a washing machine agitator. And that's when I happened upon this video:

It sounded like something that would work for my problem, so I did just like the guy in this video and took my washing machine agitator apart. Presto! My parts were stripped too. I needed a set of new "Dog Agits" with grippy teeth.

A short car ride and $10 later, I was home and installing the parts. I put everything back together, and IT WORKS! I saved over $70 by watching a YouTube video and fixing my washing machine myself. And it certainly feels a whole lot better than forking over a tidy sum to the fix-it shop!


Suko said...

Washing machine repair woman, if you lived closer I'd ask you to stop by. Coincidentally, our washing machine stopped working today--the cycle stops after a certain point and the water doesn't drain out. I found something that looks like a switch that's been disengaged, but I don't know where it belongs. I'm hoping that my husband will be able to fix it later this evening. :)

Cox Clan said...

You are my inspiration. Good job.

Flashlight Girl said...

You. Are. AWESOME!!!! Wowza. Totally impressed. Especially since I forked over $330 a month ago to get my oven and dryer fixed. Can I be your flashlight holder next time? Maybe I'll learn to fix a few things, too. :)

Rebekah N said...

I just did the same thing yesterday! My problem was not the dog clips, though- I had to have an agitator coupling. 10.00 and a little work later, and VIOLA! I am so proud that I saved the money, and did it MYSELF! This is another time the internet has paid for itself!

David said...

My co-worker once told me, "if it's not on Google, then it doesn't exist." Good thing you knew what would your daughter do when something breaks.

I had a similar machine dilemma, too. With a little online searching, the observant in me has saved me. One of the small machines in our manufacturing plant conked out. We were not exactly sure if we'll go bring it to its supplier. As someone who's always present at inspection services on our Mitutoyo coordinate measuring machine, I did a little fixing with Google's help and a little stock knowledge.

Long story short, we were able to save quite a couple of dollars. I was able to get it to work, and my co-workers gave me a pat on the shoulder.

Dishwasher Repair said...

Wow I'm totally impressed of what you've done. Great job you had there.