Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Really Important Stuff -- Slow-Closing Toilet Lids

When you don't blog very often, it is important to make each blog post count. This one is a counter. For a few weeks now I've been contemplating what I could post to benefit my blog readers. I finally hit upon my topic -- slow-closing toilet lids. Are you familiar with them? If not, it's time to get acquainted.

This is the first house that we've ever had slow-closing toilet lids in. I can't remember who clued me into these, but I ought to make them a raspberry pie. We installed one on our master toilet and after a few months decided that every toilet in the house needed one. If you don't have one on the toilets in your home consider investing in one for each bathroom.

Why are they so wonderful? Mostly because they don't bang when you close them, making them the perfect choice for households with small children or careless adults. Opening these lids is the same as for other toilet lids, it's the closing part that is beautiful. All you do is just start to close the lid, and the hinges do the rest, slowly bringing the seat and cover softly and quietly into the closed position. Bliss in the bathroom for sure.

Note: While attempting to find a photo for this post (no one really wants to see a photo of my toilet) I happened upon this video. Apparently now they have toilet seats that don't even require that you touch them to close them. (Opening them is another matter.) Clearly some inventor must spend a lot of time thinking about toilets.

Me, I'm just a happy beneficiary.


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Christie said...

Yeah. That comment above mine -- SPAM. It's the first time for my blog, so I'm adding the word verification option. I may even have to moderate comments before they post, as some of my more popular blog posts have some spam in the comments. (Spam that was left months after the original post.) I HATE spam! (Ditto spammers.)

Suko said...

Christie, this post is so funny. Or should I say, slow funny!

Flashlight Girl said...

I love this! We have a slow close lid in our master bath and I was just telling Todd that all the bathrooms need this!

P.S. I am going to fill out my sub application today. Not sure whether to be excited or wary. :)

Allie's Antics said...

Toilet seats are something I haven't really thought about. Anything with the toilet just grosses me out. Maybe a cool seat would make it fun to clean the bathroom?????

sheril said...

Oh, where do you get such funny thoughts

javieth said...
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