Thursday, November 12, 2009

All is Safely Gathered In . . .

There's something cozy about this time of year. With Daylight Savings Time ended, it's dark outside by 6 PM. I'm enjoying how we tend to stay home in the evenings, all warm and snug in our home. When a storm blows in and it's cold outside, Hubby will make a fire in the woodburning stove. The girls and I work on Christmas projects. We turn the porch light on early, telling passersby that they're welcome to join us.

In the last week we finished up the outside projects that had to get finished before the snow descends:

Mixing and pouring concrete for the mow strip of the new fence around the garden and orchard. (Nothing tires one out quite like concrete work.)

Draining the hoses of water and storing them away until spring.

Taking the last load of the season to the green waste bin. (Including the pumpkins and cornstalks that have decorated the front porch.)

Working with our contractor as he got the footings, foundation and floor poured for our future shop.

Mowing the lawn short and bagging the clippings so that mice don't make havoc of our turf.

Breathing a sigh of relief that winter is coming.

I like to think of winter as a vacation from yard work. Yes, shoveling snow feels a little like yard work, but I try to think of it more as exercise. Plus I love how the rest of the great outdoors is covered by a bright, white blanket of cold. It's worth shoveling for.

Enjoy what remains of fall!

P.S. I'm headed to Denver to see "Wicked" -- the broadway musical -- this weekend. Fun! Fun! Fun!


Suko said...

That hot chocolate looks divine!

Enjoy Wicked!

Flashlight Girl said...

Oooh! Have fun in Denver. How fun and exciting for you! No wonder you haven't posted for awhile. Your work list was quite long and involved. . . I haven't forgotten about the conference blog, but seriously, time is flying these days. Feel free to call me and maybe we can work it out together. What Christmas projects are in the works? I just spend a wad at the fabric store on Monday. Looks like I'll be chained to the sewing machine for awhile. That's okay as long as I keep the Christmas music blaring. :) Good to hear from you.