Monday, May 04, 2009

Take a page out of Pollyanna's book . . .

A couple nights ago as Hubby and I were in the bathroom getting ready for bed, I was bemoaning the fact that I have to wear special moisture-wicking undergarments to bed to help me sleep through night sweats. I hate night sweats! And I hate having to change my undergarments just to go to bed. (Note: The moisture-wicking unders don't always prevent me from waking up either!)

Hubby, who is so good to try to make me feel better, pointed out that it could be worse. "You could have a bowel leakage problem and have to wear Depends all the time," he said.

Yeah. That would be worse.

We then spent a few minutes coming up with a number of things that would be worse than having to deal with night sweats. Things like:

Having ALS disease.

Losing a leg to diabetes.

Having Parkinson's disease.

Having to wear a c-pap machine everynight.

Having another knee surgery and having to sleep with one leg aching and propped up.

You get the idea.

The funny thing is, after our little Pollyanna moment of finding worse things than what I currently complain about, I felt almost grateful to have recurring night sweats.

Night Sweats? No problem!

Just FYI: I don't really think they're due to an estrogen deficiency. Instead, I think that perhaps my thyroid I'm taking is a bit too much of a dose. When my thyroid levels were low, night sweats were non-existent.


Suko said...

Your sense of humor is wonderful, Christie. You might say you don't sweat the night sweats.

Flashlight Girl said...

Yup, Depends would absolutely be worse. :) Just keepin' it in perspective. Have a great day! (and night)