Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm Making a Come Back . . .

Making a come back. Aren't those great words?

You want to know the funny thing? Metamucil is part of my return to health.

Metamucil. You know, that fiber supplement you stir into a glass of water. The product that my grandparents couldn't live without. Well, apparently, I can't live very well without it either.

After the anti-depressants brought back my mental health, I was still suffering from an upset tummy (nausea) every day. Sometimes all day. Just a couple days ago I remembered what had helped me get through the last bout of IBS a few years ago -- Metamucil. So I tried it again. Sure enough, it helps. I'm not sure why, but it does.

Give me a week, and I'll be back to regular exercise and positivity once again!


Angie said...

:):):):):):) So glad you figured that out... I'm guessing that this fabulously springy day will help a little too!

Suko said...

And back to more regular blogging, too, I hope!

Cammy said...

Glad you solved the mystery!