Friday, March 27, 2009

Finding Health at Every Size . . .

Yesterday while wandering the racks at my local library, I found a book that caught my eye: Health at Every Size: The surprising truth about your weight, by Linda Bacon, PhD. I'm starting to read it, and must say that I find it intriguing. I'm beginning to see that it could have wonderful health implications for me.

One of the things it advocates if giving up on dieting. Instead, we should listen to our hunger and fullness signals for eating cues. That's what I've been doing since the end of January. Remember how I went back to Weight Watchers in December only to find that I gained weight each week? Sure, my thyroid was out of whack. That was part of the problem. But even when I'd lost 40 pounds with Weight Watchers in 2007 I hit a plateau and then slowly started regaining the weight -- even though I was following the program and staying withing my points target. This book explains why.

For the past two months I have not been dieting. I haven't written down what I've eaten. Haven't tracked points or calories or net carbs. I've eaten sweets. I've eaten salads. Really, I've eaten whatever sounds good. And I haven't gained any weight. I weigh the same as when I quit Weight Watchers in January.

So far Health at Every Size is confirming what I've been experiencing for the past couple months. Our bodies have a set point where they feel most healthy and happy. It's not dictated by BMI charts or graphs. Mine, for the moment, is set right here. But the best thing is, I feel free. I don't obsess about food and don't feel guilt over what I eat. What a concept!

When I finish the book, I'll do a more in-depth review. I really think it's onto something.


Suko said...

Sounds like an inspiring book which presents a sensible approach to weight and health!

Flashlight Girl said...

I've heard of the setpoint theory. Trouble is, I want to reset mine. It is so dang frustrating. I guess I have to be okay with the fact that I've worn the same size pants for 13 years. On the flip side of that is that to get down one more size (so I can wear the cute capris I was wearing last summer after taking 6 months to lose 15 pounds) I have to diet like crazy to lose 5 pounds. I'm so tired of it! Please, please, please do an indepth study of this book and let me know what you think of the theory.