Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Finding Joy in Raising Children

For today's entry I'd like to share the informational blurb (read, disclaimer) that I turned into our Stake Relief Soceity counselor for the talk Linda and I are giving on February 28th. (Come if you can!)

Finding Joy in Raising Young Children
If you’re a mom who last found Joy looking under the sink for the liquid dish detergent, then this class is for you! With eight kids between them, these two moms have made over 35,000 meals and changed over 27,000 diapers. They’ll share their best tips for enjoying the journey that is motherhood.

To make yourself feel good today calculate how many meals you've prepared. Or how many diapers you've changed in your lifetime (I used 6/day the first year and 5/day during a child's second year. Deduct 100 for hubby helping a bit.) If you have any other ideas on what might be fun to figure, let me know!

Happy Mothering!


Flashlight Girl said...

Assuming we went out to eat once a week for the past 13 years (since Sept 95 since having our first baby)I have roughly prepared 13,400 meals. (I'm sure we didn't go out to eat that often!) And have changed approximately 29,200 diapers!!! Note: With the exception of baby #1, I always had two in diapers. Oh, my. You're class at RS sounds fun! Post some notes sometime. My best tip for being happy with little ones, buy a swingset and spend lots of time outside! :)

Leslie said...

I want to come! You are always inspiring and have such great wisdom. I'm not even going to try to calculate how many meals and diapers. Too many numbers for me!

Good luck and my best tips are on my blog as of 1 minute ago. Patience, patience and more patience. And remembering to savor each moment. Read more books with them and leave the housework to spend quality time with them. It is much more rewarding to have happy kids than a clean house.

Allie's Antics said...

I will have to come for sure. You guys will be great. I will have to think of some profound advice. I guess what I always think about is how Christ loves me no matter what I do. If I want him to be patient towards me and my sins, surely I can be patient with my little ones. Now, teenagers? That's a different story!