Saturday, November 29, 2008

Post-Thanksgiving Thoughts

Okay, so I didn't really think about vegetarian vampires at all on Thanksgiving. Instead, I made a plan and stuck with it.

Before heading over to my parents' house on Thanksgiving I wrote down what I was going to eat and figured the net carbs too. I'm proud to say that I stuck with my plan. I didn't really mess up until we got home. Oh well. At least I avoided eating even more carbs at the big feed.

----------Menu and Net Carbs for Thanksgiving 2008----------

9:00 AM
4 oz. ham
3/4 c. raspberries (5)
scant 1/3 cup of half and half (3)
packet of Splenda
Thanksgiving preparation snitching (6)

12:30 PM -- The Dinner --
10 olives (2)
baby dill pickles (6)
celery sticks (2)
carrot sticks (6)
dilly dip (3)
2/3 c. green bean casserole (11)
1 Tbsp. cranberry sauce (6)
2" x 2" square of pumpking delight (20)
dollop of whipped cream (5)

2:30 PM
cherry pie (gag! It was for the chickens) (30)

6:00 PM
4 oz. ham, salad greens, ranch dressing(5)
2 c. herbal tea
pumpkin delight w/ whipped cream (25)
another serving of that pumpkin stuff (25)

Total net carbs: 165


Flashlight Girl said...

Not too shabby. I had a plan, too. I did fine all day until I was introduced to raspberry-jalepeno jam over cream cheese on crackers. Wow! The extra piece of pumpkin pie after the kids went to bed wasn't so great either, but all in all, I survived. I hope you're feeling better today. And tomorrow. :0)

Suko said...

It's hard to be good on a day so devoted to food. Don't worry--you did well, and tomorrow's another day.

Crazylady said...

Well done you!!! Don't worry about the messing up at home... you did great all day and stuck to your plan which is a great achievement!