Monday, November 24, 2008

I Need the Power of the Pen!

It's Monday. The day I usually step on the scale. Well, this morning the number wasn't good. And I know why. I haven't been writing down what I eat or tracking carbs/calories.

When I keep a food journal or track what I eat, I inevitably lose weight. But when I wing it, I gain weight.

It works inversely for money. If you don't track your money, you lose it. And if you write down or keep track of what you spend, you're more likely to watch your savings account gain funds.

I'm fairly good at writing down what I spend. I'll just have to apply those same principles to tracking what I eat. Knowledge is power!


Suko said...

Makes sense! And when I keep a fitness journal or log, I'm more apt to exercise!

Tracy said...

Hi - I've been following your blog and wanted to recommend a website and a blog: - for tracking food & exercise. I LOVE that site! - This is the Charley Mike blog and it's great. They have great blogs about motivation and getting healthy.

Take care,

Christie said...

Thanks Suko and Tracy. I'm always looking for new ideas that will help me get healthy and lose a little weight.

MizFit said...


ah ha! moment for me.

I need to get back to WRITING MY SPENDING.

same lesson.

Flashlight Girl said...

I went back to tracking Monday morning, too. Not surprising, my food/physical outlook feels brighter and more in control today! :)