Thursday, October 09, 2008

Should've Stayed Off the Scale . . .

I got on the scale this morning. I shouldn't have. (I usually weigh myself on Sunday mornings.) The scale read 188.5, which is what I weighed before I went to visit my doctor at the end of August -- before I started reducing my carbs.

Instead of wallowing in despair and giving up on trying to gain better health through my diet . . . (Notice how I can barely even think about losing weight. It seems almost impossible lately.) I CAN:

Use the number on the scale as feedback. It's telling me that yesterday's Snickers bar, Laffy Taffies and eating in the evening aren't conducive to weight loss. It's also telling me that the limitless carb day of last week has caught up with me.

Weild the power of the pen. If I really want to lose weight, I need to write down what I eat. Every B.L.T. -- bite, lick and taste. It keeps me honest and in control.

Track my carbs. I do best when I'm tracking the net carbs I eat. My goal is to stay under 100 grams and to have those carbohydrates be mostly from dairy, non-starchy vegetables, fresh fruits, legumes and/or nuts and seeds.

Listen to my hunger signals. Instead of the 'head hunger' signals -- the ones that notice the candybars being offered at the PTA meeting and decide they sound good to eat. I need to listen and become atune to physiological signs of hunger and fullness. Then, I'll eat when I'm hungry and stop eating when I'm satisfied.

Enjoy the eating experience! When I actually take the time to eat slowly and savor the flavors, texture and smell of the food I'm eating, I eat less. Also, I need to stop multi-tasking while I eat. No more reading the paper during breakfast. No more munching while reading a book. Eating is a time to eat.

Avoid boredom. An an at-home mom who lives in a house with a great room -- a room that combines the kitchen/dining/living room all in one, I'm always around food. I can keep myself busy by writing, starting/finishing a sewing project, taking the dog for a walk, or calling a friend -- anything to keep me from mindlessly eating because I'm bored.

Forgive myself. No one is perfect. Especially not me. I'm not defined by my failures. If I keep trying, eventually I'll overcome bad eating habits. Dwelling on mistakes doesn't accomplish anything. Instead, I'll learn from them and move on.

And on. And on!


Suko said...

It's to soon to get on a scale, Christie. Give yourself time. In the meantime, hide the scale.

Flashlight Girl said...

Focus on how good you feel today and FORGIVE yourself. As Chicken Little says, "Today is a new day!"

MizFit said...

Im in for echoing the last one and saying AMEN.

have a great weekend and keep looking *forward*

Christie said...

Ladies, thanks for the encouragement and advice. I'm hangin' in there.