Thursday, October 30, 2008

Grateful for my Body . . .

This is my prayer this morning:

Heavenly Father, I'm grateful for my body. I know you hear me complain about it quite a bit, but today I'm grateful. Really! Despite the health challenges I've struggled with, my body works well. I'm grateful to have eyes to see the beautiful golden hues of fall, to have a nose to smell the acorn squash baking in the oven, to have legs that carry me where I want to go. I especially enjoy using them as I walk Beans to school each morning. She is such a joy. Thank you for sending her to our family.

Speaking of family, I'm grateful to be a mom. The P.C.O.S. I have often makes conceiving children difficult to impossible. Until those little bundles of joy came into my life, I had no conception of what having children would mean for me, how they would change my outlook, alter my perspective, cause, as it were, my heart to walk around outside of my body. I marvel that an imperfect body/person (me) could be part of creating such exquisite individuals.

About my body. I've been feeling dizzy the past few days. Please help that feeling to go away. And while it lasts, please help me to do the best I can. Help me eat smart, not trying to fix how I feel with food. I'm excited to start using hand weights here at home and to use the giant hippity-hop balls we have in a new exercise routine. Give me patience and keep me from getting discouraged while I wait for the dizziness to pass. (If you've taught me anything, it's that all things come to pass.)

I'm thankful for my muscles. They're not as toned as I'd like them to be, but they all seem to work. I'm thankful for modern medicine. For the chance to get a flu shot at the health fair my husband's work sponsored yesterday. And, yippee! My cholesterol levels are awesome! So I guess I'm grateful for fish oil tablets, how they helpled lower my overall number. And whatever made my HDL go up (it's 84!), well thanks for that too. The intricacies and finely balanced system that make up human anatomy never cease to amaze me. I'm so grateful for my body!

Well, that's about it for this morning. I know I've focused this prayer on my body and health, I hope that's okay. I haven't forgotten the needs of those around me. I only ask that you give me the health and strength I need to be able to perform the tasks Thou would have me do. I love serving Thee! Thanks for being my caring and compassionate Heavenly Father. Amen.


Daily Menu: October 29, 2008

3:00 PM (at the health Fair and after fasting for the blood tests they took)
2 oz. cheese (1)
celery sticks / baby carrots / Ranch dip (4)
4 crackers (7)

4:00 PM
apple juice, 1/2 c. (14)
1 oz. mozzarella, proscuitto & basil roll
salad with cubed pork, celery, cucumber, 1/3 c. pineapple, Ranch dress. (15)

6:40 PM
Swiss Miss hot cocoa pkt., no sugar added (9)
24 pistacios (2)
2+ Tbsp. natural peanut butter (6.5)
2 slices celery (1.5)
Total net carbs: 60 grams

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Flashlight Girl said...

Your HDL is 84? That is amazing!! Good is 50. You are absolutely awesome! I hope your dizziness goes away. . .