Friday, September 05, 2008

What Low-carb approach will work for me?

Today marks one week of making low-carb lifestyle changes. I finished reading Low-Carb Dieting for Dummies last night and starting reading The South Beach Diet. The big question is . . . what is going to work for me?

I definitely think writing down what I eat in these first weeks of change will prove helpful and insightful. I also want whatever methods of low-carb living I choose to fit into my lifestyle as a mom. Low-carb living is not necessary or even healthy for kids, so mine will be eating carbohydrates. How am I going to stick to low-carb eating when surrounded by high-carb foods?

Right now I'm going to learn all about a variety of low-carb methods. I can even see that the Core plan with Weight Watchers might work for me at some point. I've checked out Dr. Atkin's book from the libary as well, but I've heard that he doesn't allow fruit. Right now that doesn't feel right for me. We'll just have to see.

After a couple days of higher carb servings, I can see that bread of any sort is out for me. It's just too easy and convenient to eat -- there for the slicing or toasting. And once I've indulged in a slice of bread it seems that I crave more carbohydrates. Maybe I'll do better with brown rice that must be cooked before consumption.

One thing is certain, my doctor hit the nail on the head when she diagnosed my water retention as being carbohydrate related. This morning I woke up supper-puffy, likely due to the carbs I've eaten in the last two days. I'm happy to report that after a carb-free breakfast (two-egg veggie omelet and grape tomatoes) my water retention is gone! Even though I forgot to take a dieuretic.

Instead of focusing on what I can no longer eat, I'm going to try to really hone in on the positive benefits I'm seeing with this new low-carb lifestyle.

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Flashlight Girl said...

Sigh. If only weight-loss were as quick a result as your water-retention issue seems to be. I'm sure I'd try a lot harder if the results were more quickly apparent!