Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How I can offset the 'fat gene' I inherited . . .

Remember how my doctor said that the way my DNA combined left me with a predisposition to store fat? You could say that I inherited a 'fat gene.' But I'm not alone. According to a news item by the Associated Press that you can read by clicking here, up to 30% of white people with European ancestry also inherited the gene.

But the good news is there is a way to over come it.

The bad news is that it involves 3 to 4 hours of physical activity EVERY DAY.

Apparently the only people to accomplish that in today's modern world are the Amish, who live a 19th century lifestyle. I may live on Belly Acre Farm, an acre and a half of land with a large garden and 18 fruit trees, but I don't live a 19th century lifestyle.

But I can use my wheel hoe more. Here's a photo of a man using a wheel hoe. Imagine that it's a picure of me instead. Because I have one very similar to it. In fact, I've often felt like a pioneer when I'm out pushing the wheel hoe between the rows of vegetables in the garden or weeding the berm in front of our house. It's a good, sweaty workout that reminds me that I come from hardy pioneer stock.

Hmmm. What else could I do to add more activity to my day? The other morning I got distracted and missed the turn into the right parking lot entrance when going to the bank. Instead of going through the drive through, I parked in an adjacent lot and walked over and inside the bank. My fritzy memory could help me get more activity.

I walked my daughter to school this morning. I could do that everyday, and we'd both get more exercise. If we're running late we could ride our bikes.

I could go on bike rides without my dog. She's young, energetic and loves to pull. Realizing this, I bought her a pink harness that allows her to help pull me on my bike without straining her neck. Boy can she pull! I usually start off on an up-hill route, as she always has the most energy at the beginning of our outings. I guess I could start out downhill. But I just don't want to. Her favorite stretch to run on is a grassy parking strip up the road that's at the end of my street. She really digs in and I encourage her by ringing my bike bell wildly and yelling, "Go Annie! Go!" I won't give that up. It is bliss on a bike. And I'm pedaling as fast as I can.


Flashlight Girl said...

I read the same article!! I thought that maybe if I moved back to "town" and biked or walked everywhere that would maybe help, but there's no way I'm doing that!!! I'm not sure what the answer is. I'm not a gardening lover so spending more time pulling weeds sounds torturous. I've almost decided to buy a recumbant exercise bike and convince myself that I can only read if I'm riding it. Hmmmm. What do you think?

Christie said...

I've read studies that say you can be overweight and still healthy. That's me. My blood chemistry is great, but I'll always carry around extra weight. In fact, my weight loss goal still puts me in the "overweight" category. But I could wear a size 12 pants. That's good enough for me. (No! Don't make yourself read only on a recumbant bike. Snuggling up on the couch with a blanket to read is one of life's great pleasures.)

Flashlight Girl said...

Looks like the bike scenario is in my future. I went to the Dr. today, and I have to have my left knee scoped in about 10 days. UGH! I'm pretty nervous as this is my first real injury/surgery. Oh, I fell off a ladder last week (great depth perception) and wretched my knee. I've been hobbling around ever since. Since you're a pro at knee surgeries :), any tips?

Christie said...

Knee Surgery Tips:

1) Enjoy your time in bed.
2) Get all the rest you're supposed to and don't worry about a messy house. It will wait for you to get feeling better.
3) Read! Read! Read!
4) If recovery seems a bit slow, do physical therapy. Because I scar super-easily, it's been my lifesaver after each knee surgery.
5) Surgery is a great time for your family to appreciate all the things you've been doing, mostly because they're not getting done now. It's also a great time for family members to improve their own homemaking skills. Let them.

Melanie said...

Good post.