Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Here is the Post I Promised ...

I promised to write about how to live within your means. This is that post.

If you'd like greater financial freedom, the following video has the answer:

Now I have fulfilled my obligation to spread the good word of financial freedom. I can now return to my regularly scheduled blog posts.

Okay, since you're still here it's obvious that you want me to share some of my personal tips on saving money. Here they are ...

Never buy new furniture. When people come to visit and see your Early College Student decor they will gladly give you their gently used furnishings when they get new ones. Besides, it's much less stressful to have your children learn to potty train on used furniture. Also, when your daughters spill the nail polish remover on your kitchen table and it eats off a large part of the finish, they won't die. And neither will you.

Never buy new vehicles. And be sure to live at least an hour from both sets of grandparents. When your old cars become so old that they are no longer reliable for travel to the grandparents' houses, you'll be surprised at how inexpensively you can purchase a used car from your own parents.

Don't go shopping. If you go bargain hunting, you'll find bargains. If you go shopping, you'll buy something.

Don't look at sales ads. This in an important part of managing your money. Looking at sales ads only makes you want to own what is being advertised. They may even make you feel like you are depriving your family of a lifestyle that everyone else is enjoying. Everyone else is not living a lavish lifestyle, that's the evil of advertising working its deceitful ways on your impressionable mind. Don't believe what you see in advertisements.

Make a list and stick to it. Never go shopping without a list. At the bottom of every list write "etc." That way if you find a bargain, you can purchase it and hold your head up high, knowing that you stuck with your list!

If you need any additional tips or have questions, just let me know.


Science Teacher Mommy said...

Be sure to live an hour from both grandparents? Piece of cake. Unless of course living an hour from grandma means you'll make HALF as much money.

I actually read a report in the paper today that immigration is down by half because of our bad economy.

Flashlight Girl said...

Great video clip! Speaking of, I need a tutorial on inserting video in these darn blogs. I tried to download one from youtube and couldn't manage to just get the small video screen or to rename it. Help! I gave up after 30 minutes of frustration. Help me!

Christie said...

I downloaded this video to my home computer then browsed my own files and uploaded the file through blogger. It was easier than I thought. I'm not sure how to do it if you can't download a video to your own computer.

Good luck!

Suko said...

May I add a tip?

Don't purchase the book, Frugal Living For Dummies (yes, it's a real book). Read Christie's post instead!

Leslie said...

I LOVE this post! Brilliance at its best. And it is all so true. We are great at all of these except the shopping...I need to do better so thanks for the tips!
And I love the SNL clip.

Allie's Antics said...

That was funny. I too enjoyed Elder Hales advice on simply telling our kids "we can't afford it". Our weekly announcement at FHE for the past twelve years running is... "We are broke". I think it's important for our children to realize that money doesn't just appear. I had to learn it the hard way. Thanks for your tips. You are one of my faves Christie.