Friday, September 26, 2008

Favorite Low-Carb "Dessert"

As I was picking our raspberries a couple days ago, I wondered how we'd use all the berries now that I won't be making so much raspberry jam and raspberry pies. After we pick the berries we freeze them on a baking sheet overnight and then load them into quart-size freezer bags. At this writing we have 22 quart bags of 2008 raspberries in the freezer.

I've been reading Atkins and Life Without Bread. Both books advocate consuming more fats when eating a low-carb diet -- something I've been reticent to do. (After years and years of low-fat indoctrination I guess I have a hard time believing I can really eat fat and not gain weight.)

I decided to try something new and bought a quart of half and half yesterday at the grocery store. Which I used to make . . .

Creamy Frozen Raspberry Heaven

1 c. frozen raspberries
1/2 c. half and half
1 pkt. Splenda sweetener

The berries freeze in a big clump when the half and half is added, but after a few minutes of breaking them apart and stirring in the sweetener, you have a bowl of reamy coated berries. Yum!

As the berries defrost while you slowly eat them, you can crush them and make a sort of raspberry icecream dessert. It's not only delicious, but filling. All for 11 net carbs!


Suko said...

It sounds heavenly! Raspberries are very healthy, too! Thanks for sharing this recipe, Christie!

Brett Nordquist said...

I look forward to reading your blog. I've been low card on and off for just over 2 years. I lost about 50 lbs in about 6 months when I kept carbs at 20/day and exercised daily. I put on about half the weight back on mostly due to not exercising as often and eating more carbs. But after reading your site, I'm going to get my butt in gear and get back to healthy eating and exercising.

Flashlight Girl said...

frozen raspberries coated with half-n-half sounds almost sinful! I think I'll stick with 1% and pretend it's the same. :)

Flashlight Girl said...

I just had a thought about why they let you eat more fat on these low-carb diets. . . I bet it's because it's better for your body (less work for your liver) to convert the fat you're eating into glucose than it is to convert the protein into glucose. If that is the case, I certainly would consume a bit more oils than you're used to. Just make sure they are the heart-healthy variety. You don't want to clog your arteries, my dear.

Christie said...

Brett, did you keep your total carbs to 20 g/day? That's amazing. I bet I average between 75 to 85 grams of net carbs a day if I county everything. Thanks for dropping in!

Flashlight Girl, from what I've read in Atkins and "Life without Bread," many studies show that even saturated fats are okay in a low-carb diet. I'm shocked to find that the low-fat dogma that you and I have grown up in doesn't work. Look back to the '50s. Fat of any sort wasn't viewed a "bad." When the low-fat / high carb philosophies started to take over in the late '70s, America began plumping up. Up went our cholesterol and heart disease too. Serving sizes went up as well -- something I think may be to do carbohydrate craving in combination with no fat to satisfy our hunger signals.

I am definitely not a low-fat follower anymore. (And I dropped another pound this week. A full pound.) Low carb is wonderful!