Monday, September 08, 2008

Do I have a wheat allergy?

I feel like I'm doing fairly well on my new low-carb lifestyle. I've dropped a couple pounds in a couple weeks and have been able to quit taking two medications. That's great progress!

Sunday evening I was hungry and too lazy to peel and chop veggies and prepare a low-carb snack. I ate a slice of bread. And regretted it. It didn't even taste that great -- too dry. But, it did open my eyes to something. I may be allergic to wheat.

The bread was two thirds whole wheat, and once I'd eaten it I started coughing and having to clear my throat. Then this morning I was puffy again (carbs were the culprit) and woke up with a stuffy nose which lasted through most of the morning. The only thing that was different was my slice of bread the night before. It made me wonder if I have a slight allergy to wheat. That would be weird.

I guess it's yet another reason for me to steer clear of bread. Any way you slice it, it's not good for me.

In related news, I baked a ham and cheddar loaf for my family's dinner. It smelled wonderful! As it was baking I thought about how I also enjoy the smell of coffee, yet I don't drink it. Just because I don't eat bread doesn't mean I can't enjoy its fragrance. There aren't any carbs the perfume of baking bread. Thank goodness!

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Suko said...

You are funny!
I enjoyed your post.