Saturday, August 30, 2008

Give Me Strength While Visiting Family

In a few hours we'll be heading to my in-law's cabin for the weekend. I'm nervous but determined to stay away from too many carbs and refined foods.

Here is my game plan:

Pray. (Did that this morning. Will do it again when temptation surfaces.)

Prepare. I'm taking cooked chicken breasts cut into chunks, hard-boiled eggs, garden-grown cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and watermelon. Salad is on the menu. I can take some string-cheese and apples too.

Stay busy. I can't mindlessly munch if I'm on a walk, or taking notes on the Low-Carb book for Dummies. I can play horseshoes and ping-pong with the kids or whoever else will play.

Eat when I'm hungry. Nothing is worse than getting too hungry and then snarfing down on whatever is available -- usually chips and treats. I'll eat sensibly whenever the urge strikes and avoid gluttonous eating.

Remember why I'm doing this. My health matters. Not just for the moment, but for the future too. I want to serve the Lord now, but also when I'm older. There's no time like the present to begin on the path to better health. (Weighing less will be great for my knees. I can't wait to go on a mission with my hubby. That's a big motivation for me to get healthy and stay healthy.)

Ask for help. I'm going to let others know that eating lots of carbs is like ingesting poison for my body. (My doctor's words.) No one would want me to take poison, right?


Flashlight Girl said...

I've been thinking about this low-carb thing and your doctor. Not to discredit your doctor (especially since I don't even know who she is), but most doctors receive very little nutrition training in the overall scheme of "doctoring". Really, from what you had on your list of what you're taking to survive the in-laws visit sounds like "CORE" foods in WW. I've tried the CORE plan for a couple of weeks and really liked it, I just needed the structure of points to keep me from mindless eating. I really hope this works for you. Right now I'm feeling severe food guilt since I downed 5 or 6 cookies driving home alone from the boys' football game. Guess that's lunch and maybe snacks, too. I just love food, especially the sweet stuff. sigh

Christie said...

It seems my body doesn't metabolize carbs well unless they're balanced out with protein. The first two days of my lower-carb living went great! I woke up with much less water retention. But last night I had a couple balls of frozen cookie dough (see recipe on Belly Acre Farm) and some grapes in the evening. Well, during the night I woke up with numb, tingling hands -- tons of water retention. I'm amazed at the difference tweaking what I eat makes in my health.

I guess I'm not signing up for WW because most of the mtgs. I've attended focus on Flex. Plus, I'd like to use the on-line community as my support for this go around -- see what the internet can do in helping me stay motivated. (Oh, and I just can't bear to shell out extra money until I've tried something free first.)