Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Advice for boys who play the piano in seminary class

I was just finishing up brushing my teeth when my husband told me something about himself that caused me to spew the water I was rinsing my mouth with all over the counter. He had been giving Bug advice on playing the piano in seminary class and shared his glory days of seminary piano playing.

“When they needed someone to play the piano, I’d raise my hand and say, ‘I’ll play. But I’m not really good at that song. I can only play the right hand.’ Then a girl would come sit with me on the piano bench to play the left hand.”

Hubby seemed pleased at being able to pass on a little fatherly advice to our son.


Heidi A. said...

Hilarious!!! He's not dumb!!! Thanks for the laugh today! I needed that!

Angie said...

I love it! What a sneaky guy you found. I think that it is good that most of us didn't know our spouses in high school though. I don't think I would have liked Shane... until he grew up a little. Sometimes I will see boys doing crazy things and say, "you would have done that when you were his age wouldn't you". His answer is usually, "probably!" I then reconfirm that it was a good thing I didn't know him then! (But now I'm remember that you did... you might be chuckling now thinking, yep he grew up some!)

And by the way, thanks for the sweet words about my Saigie! She told me that when she first met her teacher she said. "I have heard a lot about how wonderful you are." And then something about her smile being contagious. It probably came from you... THANKS!

Allie's Antics said...

That is great. I will have to pass that info on to our only family piano player, Supe. Blake is always telling him that girls love piano players. Up until just the last little while, he thought that a gross idea. Thanks also for the wonderful rendition of "In the Leafy Treetops". You are a one in a million friend. I am so glad to have you on my list of faves!

Flashlight Girl said...

Bwahaha! I don't even remember any male piano players in seminary!! What's up with that? I'm sure if your hubby had passed along his little secret other "men" might have fessed up to being able to play. What a guy! (I'm still chuckling. :))