Tuesday, June 03, 2008

My Kids' Summer Job Charts

I cut these sheets into strips of three and rotate -- Week #1, Week #2 and Week #3. Each week's strips hang on a large dry-erase board near the stairs and the back door. This system works out nicely as we have three kids and three bathrooms. By doing it this way and rotating assignments, no one can claim that their jobs aren't fair. (You can click on each job sheet to see it clearly.)

Each day has an allowance amount fixed to it. Once all their jobs are done for that day, they have me sign it off. If they choose not to complete all their jobs, they miss out on that day's amount come payday. We also have a rule that they can't play the computer, watch TV or play with friends until their jobs are done. They have pretty big incentives to complete their work which makes it so I don't have to nag so much.

Note: I leave Saturday blank for their dad to give them assignments. I find that if he has three people to boss around on Saturday, he doesn't feel the need to give me assignements too. :)


Science Teacher Mommy said...

AJ loves job charts. #2 is a little bit small yet, but he loves to help without incentives so we'll go with that for a while . . . .

Allie's Antics said...

That is a great idea. I remember marvelling at your white board. I even went and bought one. I made Blake hang it. It never got used however. I took it down and threw it away and got a picture to cover the wall of my failured attempt. ajd