Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Farm Humor

This is a photo of the chicken enclosure under construction. Won't our four chickens live in high style?

Speaking of chickens, my mother told me a joke the other day that had deep meaning.

Q: Do you know why a chicken coop has two doors?

A: Because if it had four, it would be a sedan.

And, wouldn't you know it, our coop has two doors. Here I thought she had some farm knowledge that she was going to impart to little old me. Tee-hee.

In other news, MEN -- PAY ATTENTION! If your wife steps on the scale and groans, then asks, "Why is it going up?!" It is not a time to play Mr. Fix-it. She does not really want an answer. Saying, "Maybe it's because you're not exercising at all," won't help her feel better. She was just asking a hypothetical question.

The better response is, "It's just a number. I love you no matter what the scale says." And mean it!

Should you get this wrong you just might get a glass of cold water thrown at you over the shower curtain the next time you're showering.

And finally, I've been thinking about what I can do for my next high school reunion's talent show. At our last reunion I performed some corny "magic" tricks that were supposed to loosen everyone up by getting them to laugh. It didn't work. Next time I'll show them my amazing new talent -- swallowing many large pills all at once.

Just yesterday I swallowed four gigantic pills (1 vitamin, 2 supplements, and a RX medication) in one swallow. Top that! Safety Man piped up, "Swallowing too much at once is a choking hazard."

That's okay because I'm not planning to attend any high school reunions until our 60th. I'll be 88. So what if I choke. At least I won't be around to hear the silence.


Angie said...

So I am assuming that the cold glass over the shower - happened to safety man. I bet he had something to say about that!! Christie you know that your magic trick joke went over much better at the ward party. My guess is that you just needed an older audience, which leads me to believe that by the 20 year everyone will be rolling on the floor if you do that again!! You know I LOVED it!

PS. I painted the sign today, I should have it done later tonight or tomorrow - sorry you have had to ask 10 times.

Flashlight Girl said...

You know that you won't be able to resist not going to future reunions so don't make idle threats! Our 20 year reunion is almost here. . . Todd's was quite enjoyable, only a couple divas were in attendance and actually still trying to be divas. The majority of the crowd were balding, overweight, struggling with real life and just happy to see everyone else in the same boat. I'm hoping to enjoy our 20th more than our 10th. And, I really had fun at our 10th. Besides, you know I always laugh WITH you.

Allie's Antics said...

I am wondering if you graduated with Blake! I think that you did. We have not been to a reunion ever. What slackers. This year we will be camping during the reunion. Bummer. Blake says he sees everyone he wants to now anyway. Maybe when we're 88 he'll go. ajd

Christie said...

Just for the record, Blake is older than me by 2 years. And, yes, I will be attending future reunions, but I WILL NOT be doing any magic tricks. :)