Friday, April 18, 2008

Morning Prayer

I haven't said my morning prayer yet. Which isn't unusual. I'm trying to develop a habit of morning prayer. Notice the word 'trying.' And trying. On successful prayer mornings I don't allow myself to make the bed until I kneel down and say my morning prayer. But I got busy today and made the bed early -- before I'd even thought about prayer. Oops.

And by the way, Science Teacher Mommy, many of my kneel-down prayers are what I call ceiling bouncers. But I figure that the act of getting on my knees and thinking about the Lord must count for something. Show some kind of humble devotion. Answers to prayer rarely come while I'm on my knees. Instead, they percolate (can you write 'percolate' if you're not a coffee drinker?) and bubble up while I'm walking the dog, putting on my make-up, or driving the car. Really big answers often come during Sunday church services.

I'm even trying a new dieting technique that involves prayer. A month ago I read a book on the Weigh Down Diet Workshop which advocates praying to the Lord for strength to do His will and overcome the urge to overeat. On mornings that I remember to pray, when I ask for strength and seek, in prayer, to do the Lord's will, I don't overeat. So why don't I pray for help every morning? Do I get too busy? What's so sacred about kneeling by my bed? Wouldn't kneeling by the fridge actually be most helpful? Could I write a prayer while at the computer? If I post it on my blog, is that sacrilegious? Is it a good idea to demonstrate to the three readers of my blog just know shallow and unrighteous I am?

Here goes.

Dear Lord,

I'm grateful to thee for computers, for keyboards, for the teachers who taught me how to type, and for advancements in writing methods that don't require keeping brass plates. But I am grateful that Nephi and the other prophets from the Book of Mormon obeyed and diligently kept the Brass Plates.

I'm grateful for make-up. Thou knowest that I've been vain ever since I was a child and prayed for long fingernails and high heels. Even though Brian Hawkes once told me in high school that when he first met me he didn't think I was cute, at least thou hast blessed me with a personality that changed his mind. And I can't help thinking that make-up helps too. Is make-up one of the inventions that you had a hand in bringing about? Does it help to reflect our inner beauty? Or is it a way for mothers to bond with daughters? Because I have enjoyed sharing make-up moments with Lou, as she's 12 years old now. Thank thee for Loula Belle!

And I thank thee for Beans. I'm having a hard time lately with her sullen moods. When she's not happy I feel it's my responsibility to make her happy. And I think that pressure is causing me much stress. Lord, I love it when my family members are happy. But is it my job to make them happy? And how do I maintain my happiness and emotional equilibrium when the kids or Hubby are out of sorts? If I’m trying to make others happy is that kind of like trying to make others obey? I guess I know what I should do – act like I know I should (kindness, gentleness, meekness, love unfeigned) and then allow others to choose how they act. That’s hard. Please help me get better at that.

I’d like to thank thee for good friends. For those women who attended the Out to Lunch Ladies luncheon yesterday. I enjoyed sharing in their laughter, swapping stories, and feeling understood. Also, I’m grateful for Linda. She’s a wonderful friend. Bless her for being so good to me.

And wilt thou be with the Young family as Hannah goes in for heart surgery? I pray that the surgeon and medical personnel will be led to zap the nerves that are causing her heart to mis-fire. I thank thee for modern medicine. Bless Brother Krebs in his knee surgery recovery. And Sister Thompson in her double knee replacement recovery. Be with the Koeven family in SLC as they are dealing with the loss of their husband and father. I’m grateful for eternal families. Thank you for your wonderful plan of happiness!

There’s more to say, Lord, but I need to wrap this up. Please be with me to make wise choices today. In eating, speaking, and conducting myself. Also help me have fun. Isn’t fun okay? You’ve got a sense of humor, don’t you? I hope so and feel that you must. Thanks for blessing others with wonderful talents that they share. For the musicians who perform on the CDs I listen to, for the authors who write uplifting fiction, and for Steve Easton’s column in the Herald Journal. He’s a quirky Mormon, and maybe I am too. Bless me this day, I pray. Amen.


Science Teacher Mommy said...

Beautiful. Maybe my prayers would be more sincere, less repetitive, if I thought them out in my head as a letter format? I was very touched by this. There is never any end to the gratitude, or the need for that matter.

Doreen said...

You know, writing things down isn't such a bad idea. I always have a million things going through my head throughout the day, but when it comes to saying prayers, I seem to never be able to think of them. Maybe I should keep a running list throughout the day, then read through it before I say my prayers at night. Thanks for sharing!

The Adventures of Flashlight Girl! said...

Morning prayers are hard. At night, a thousand things have happened that I want to discuss, or think about, or people I want blessings for. But in the morning. . . I always say my prayers just as I roll out of bed. Granted, I may not be totally awake and alert, but sometimes that's okay. I have prayed almost daily for years for the Lord to help me to make wise food choices, think positively about my body and be kind and understanding with my children. Sigh. Yup, I'm still going to pray for those things tomorrow.

Christie said...

Doreen, someone I know (forgot who) kept a little list of things to mention in her next prayer. I think that would be a great subject for its own little notebook. Think how much you'd enjoy reading about what your mother/grandmother prayed for on a daily basis. Thanks for the thought.

Angie said...

Notice that I am the 4th person (besides yourself) commenting. And you thought only 3 people read your blog!! You are a fabulous writing and get me thinking... I need to work on sincerity - most nights I'm just plain happy to have not fallen asleep before the end. Bad to admit - but I'm working on it!