Thursday, November 29, 2007

What a Year It's Been! (Family Christmas Letter)

Note: If you received our Christmas Letter in the mail and are looking for the “real” answers, keep scrolling down on this blog entry. They’re listed under “Real Answers.” If you’ve yet to read our Christmas Letter, DON’T CHEAT. Follow the instructions for maximum enjoyment.

This year we’ve turned our Christmas letter into a fun game to play with family and friends, or you can play it by yourself. To begin with, fill in the blanks in the following column with the words called for. (You might want to write them down on a separate piece of paper.) Then, using the words you’ve chosen, fill in the blanks in our Christmas letter.

You can decide just how crazy 2007 was for us!

What a Year It’s Been!

1) verb, past tense
2) number
3) musical instrument
4) body part
5) construction job
6) color
7) color
8) color
9) baby animal
10) dog breed
11) dog breed
12) verb
13) verb +s
14) unusual vegetable
15) verb
16) verb +ing
17) bird
18) plant
19) adjective
20) adjective

What a Year It’s Been!

Our family has 1. verb, past tense another year in Northern Utah. All 2. number children have continued taking 3. musical instrument lessons. Quite frankly, they consider it a chore. But hearing them practice is music to our 4. body part !

In February we finished the basement. My husband did all the 5. construction job , and I did most of the painting. Bean’s room is 6. color . Loula Belle’s is 7. color , and Bug decided to have his walls the same color as the rest of the basement — 8. color . Everyone enjoys having the extra space.

For my birthday, I asked for a 9. baby animal . Lou Belle found a liter advertised on-line in Salt Lake City. In late February we brought home a cute, black puppy and named her Annie. She’s 1/2 10. dog breed and 1/2 11. dog breed . Pretty much she’s a bundle of energy that loves to 12. verb you. I spend at least an hour a day caring for, exercising and training Annie. Our neighbor loaned us some DVDs of The Dog Whisperer. Everyone is now working to be good pack leaders. (Note: Annie’s best trait is that she rarely, if ever, 13. verb +s .)

This year’s garden overflowed with produce! A few of the things Safety Man planted include: peas, onions, tomatoes, beets, lettuce, sweet corn, more raspberries and even 14. unusual vegetable . Last year’s raspberries came on nicely, and we even had enough to 15. verb . Safety Man lined up customers at work, and we all helped with the 16. verb +ing (some more than others). We’re loving living on Belly Acre Farm. (And the kids love bellyaching!)

Bug earned his 17. bird Scout Award (while he was still 13). Way to go Bug! His project was installing a set of horseshoe pits at our local park. Loula Belle, our platinum blonde, is growing like a 18. plant ! She just might pass up Bug. Beans continues to be sweet and 19. adjective . She kept us all in stitches on our vacation to Yellowstone by telling gross jokes. (Q: Why did Piglet look in the toilet? A: He was looking for Pooh.)

We hope this letter finds you in good health and 20. adjective holiday spirits. Merry Christmas!

The Real Answers to What a Year It’s Been!

1) survived
2) 3
3) piano
4) ears
5) finish work
6) pink
7) light blue
8) natural almond (tan)
9) puppy
10) Golden Retriever
11) German Shorthair
12) lick
13) barks
14) popcorn
15) sell
16) picking
17) Eagle
18) weed
19) funny
20) high


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