Wednesday, November 14, 2007

100 Things I'm Grateful For

Because the holidays are no longer creeping up on me but are launching themselves at me instead, this may be the last blog entry from me for a while. I’ve been keeping a gratitude journal off and on since November of 1996. Seeing as how Thanksgiving is practically mauling me, I’m going to share some of the things I’ve been grateful for this year. Here they are in reverse chronological order.

1. My dad – we’re a lot alike in our love for the outdoors, dogs and quality.

2. My sister. She went to the Warren Miller ski movie with me this year (2007).

3. Empire apples .

4. The smell of fallen leaves.

5. The long-billed snipe I saw at the canal.

6. Six mallards swimming (sound like a chorus from the “Twelve Days of Christmas”).

7. Loula Belle – She’s bright and sunny, has such a cute smile that can really transforms her whole face.

8. Bug – his singlemindedness. Be it basketball, golf, school or church responsibilities.

9. Beans and her friend, Mallory – cute friends who balance each other out.

10. Annie – my beautiful, cheerful, playful, smart, obedient dog and friend.

11. A loving ward family.

12. The HUGE yellow-orange moon over the West mountains on my way to morning aerobics.

13. Walking to school with Beans – getting to hold her hand, noting the sun’s rays as they just started to peek over the East mountains.

14. The beautiful roses Safety Man gave me – what a thoughtful man!

15. The song of red-wing blackbirds.

16. Sunshine on morning frost.

17. An egg over-easy.

18. Bug’s sense of humor.

19. Working with Lou on the student council.

20. Playing the piano for Helen Peterson’s funeral.

21. For piano lessons – so glad I didn’t fight taking them (not too much, anyway).

22. Heavenly Blue Morning Glory blossoms on our front porch pillars.

23. Homemade oatmeal granola.

24. Zucchini and straight-neck squash.

25. Reading and marking my Book of Mormon with my new multi-colored, all-in-one marking pencil.

26. My friendship with K’leis.

27. Samuel Wood – he’s a kick!

28. For garbage day.

29. Sun reflecting off irrigation sprinklers.

30. Swallows swooping and flying over the lawn in the evening.

31. Bean’s sunflower’s nodding.

32. Our cat resting in the grass.

33. For time, forgiveness and hope.

34. For modern conveniences such as: computers, high-speed internet, electricity, central cooling, cars, hot water heaters. All amazing!

35. For my sister, again. I’m grateful that she was adopted into our family. Without her, I wouldn’t have a sister.

36. Linda’s son’s response to the possibility of getting a baby sister . . . “If you have a baby girl, let’s name her ‘stupid head.’”

37. Linda’s own brother’s response at her birth . . . “I’d rather have a puppy than a baby sister.”

38. Thank goodness Linda’s brother decided to transform his little sister into a tomboy. It’s just one of the joys of our friendship.

39. A bi-plane flying in the morning sky.

40. Shooting shotguns and shooting really well!

41. The feel of wind in my hair as I ride my bike with my dog.

42. Seeing the beautiful old barns in the Bear Lake valley.

43. My blowdryer.

44. The scent of Russian Olive trees in bloom.

45. Getting to see snow in the mountains in June.

46. The smell of wet earth.

47. The whinny of a horse.

48. The beauty green mountains with the shadows of clouds scudding across their ridges and canyons.

49. A cool spring breeze.

50. Sun and shadow. Light and air.

51. Eyes, ears, mouth and nose.

52. Kitchen conveniences: crockpot, rice cooker, bread machine, toaster, dishwasher, running water.

53. Sweat.

54. My sweetheart – our Friday date this week was spent out in the garden weeding the raspberries. I enjoyed working together and having un-rushed time to talk and catch up.

55. Squeaky duck wings in flight. (Why do they sound like they need a little WD-40?)

56. A bold meadow lard with a bright yellow breast.

57. Dew on the tips of long pasture grass.

58. Red toenail polish.

59. My Croc-style flip flops.

60. Hearing a mourning dove as I was planting my herb barrel.

61. Semi-sweet chocolate chips.

62. My first issue of Martha Stewart magazine.

63. The opportunity of share the gospel with Jose Franco.

64. Forsythia bushes, crocus and budding daffodils.

65. The temperamentality of spring!

66. For fun neighbors who host game nights.

67. Flying the shark kite with the girls.

68. Playing a little basketball with Bug.

69. Getting to watch the YM’s basketball team play our women’s basketball team (Orange Crush).

70. Living in an amazing age when information is so readily available.

71. The words of past and present prophets are right at my fingertips.

72. Getting my mending caught up.

73. Blowing bubbles and bouncing on the hippity-hops with the Activity Day girls.

74. Getting to play in the dirt (weeding).

75. Opening windows and having the inside smell clean and fresh like the outdoors.

76. Getting counseling that’s helping me communicate better and teaching me how to be content.

77. Boy, I love a good pen!

78. It’s ugly outside, but my puppy is cute.

79. I love it when the kids laugh out loud while reading the newspaper comics.

80. Laughing out loud myself.

81. For easy access to wonderful building supplies: cultured marble, latex paints, wall-to-wall carpet, electrical systems, central heating.

82. For Patt – the effort and preparation she went to in making my birthday dinner.

83. Play four!

84. A home that is 100% finished – it’s so nice to be able to use the basement to play ping-pong and darts, and to have two televisions.

85. Snow!

86. I can (could) wear a size 12 jeans. (It was the first time in 13 years!)

87. Good books.

88. Subway sandwiches.

89. My brother’s cute little kids.

90. My own cute big kids who are growing up way too fast.

91. My local library.

92. My pick-up truck. (Doesn’t get much better than driving it while listening to country music with my puppy on the front seat.)

93. Toothpaste and a nice toothbrush.

94. Lipstick! Putting on makeup is almost like creating a work of art each morning.

95. Weight Watcher meetings.

96. Children’s endless enthusiasm and energy.

97. Fast and Testimony meeting at church.

98. The story of Esther . . . “And who knows but what thou are called to the kingdom for such a time as this.”

99. My new short hair cut.

100. Quote of the year (our son after we discovered he’s crossed his eyes in the extended family picture): “I’ve learned my lesson. I’ll never do it again. Now can we quit talking about it?”

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